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Reed Arts Week: November 13-15

This fall, Reed’s annual student-curated arts festival will feature a virtual festival and a publication. Both festival components will be accessible to the public 

This November 13–15, Reed Arts Week is proud to present "RAW 2020:, a student-curated annual arts festival featuring the visual art and performance of Reed students and internationally celebrated artists. This year, the festival will be held entirely remotely, taking the form of a publication and a virtual online festival. Our website will host performances and interactive workshops spanning the three days of the festival. The publication will contain the visual and written work of contributing artists and will be distributed to the Reed community and beyond at the time of the festival. The same work and a digital copy of the publication will be available on our digital platform beginning on November 13, and it will remain available for viewing in perpetuity.

The theme of this year’s RAW reflects the artistic directors’ desire to use virtual space for physical and emotional release in the absence of embodiment. We wish to cultivate an environment of interactivity, collectivity, community support, and creation in the digital realm: a form of virtual reprieve.

We have decided to capitalize on the virtual nature of to question the idea of a “Reed” Arts Festival: we want to attempt to break down the boundaries between artists operating inside and outside of our institution. In particular, we are interested in offering artists a platform to build their audience, supporting artists directly through financial compensation, and showcasing work in settings outside of shared physical space. is curated and organized by the RAW 2020 Artistic Directors: Isabel Adesko, Iki Edreva, Emma Ganger-Spivak, and Connor Stockton. 


Instagram: @reedartsweek 

Facebook Page: Reed Arts Week

Reed Arts Week is supported by the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College. Special thanks to director and curator Stephanie Snyder ’91 and registrar Colleen Gotze.

For more information, contact RAW.
Submitted by Robin Tovey.
Posted on Aug 26, 2020

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