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Recipients of the 2020 Kaspar T. Locher Summer Creative Scholarships

Katie Kim will write a collection of poems exploring home environments, domestic intimacy, and the effects of intersectional experiences and trauma on their development. 

Soroa Lear will create a series of dance duets with non-human partners, such as her own reflection in a mirror, a pair of shoes, a friend over Zoom, etc.

Eva Licht will create Performing Distance, a series of performance pieces in response to the global pandemic that can function as a public health PSA encouraging individuals to practice social distancing.

Their works will be presented either in live or virtual performance in fall 2020.

The competition for the Kaspar T. Locher Summer Creative Scholarships is held every spring; learn more about its history and mission.

For more information, contact Michael Knutson or visit:

Posted on May 21, 2020

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