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Kaspar Locher Summer Creative Scholarships

The 2019 Kaspar T. Locher Summer Creative Scholarships presentations will take place on Tuesday, October 15, at 6:30 pm in the Performing Arts Building, room 320


KEZIAH WONG will read from "Missing Items,” her collection of short stories revolving around a Hong Kong Chinese-American family. The stories delve into the spiritual connections between Chinese mythical heroes and the people they live among, and how Chinese-American families come together and come apart through migrational history. The collection is an overall meditation on what one gains and loses in the process of exploring family history, the shattering of both lies and truths.


ELI KNOWLES will discuss the creation of his jazz composition, composed of three movements: Eemie, Davis and Todesfuge. Over the summer he studied composition with Guggenheim Fellow and jazz and improvised music professor Myra Melford and avant-garde jazz legend and Hampshire College professor Marty Ehrlich. They helped him compose and refine the three compositions for a reduced nine piece big band, The Aaron Space Cosmic Orchestra, that he assembled and runs. The three pieces explored different territories of jazz and avant-garde music, culminating with a four movement interpretation of Paul Celan's holocaust poem "Todesfuge." The work was premiered in a concert on Friday, September 20, and Eli will play recordings and video clips from it.


LEANNA GITTER  traveled to Germany and produced a short film [Berlin im Sommer] that uses the method of montage to raise questions about the purposes and results of the physical and often grand memorialization of historic tragedies within the walls of a metropolitan city.  Footage taken in areas all over Berlin is brought together to investigate the way in which the construction of a city itself can be an indication of larger and generally accepted conceptions of history, memory, responsibility, and importance.  With an interest in memory tourism, commercialization of catastrophe, and city construction, the film invites its viewers to take a closer look at the role of memorial in space, time, and memory itself.


REBECCA XIE will perform a few of the songs she wrote over the summer from her concert program “Whispers on an Empty Stage.” The full set of songs was performed at a Friday @ Four concert on Friday, September 27.


The Locher Creative Scholarship competition is held every spring. It supports independent creative projects in all of the arts and all students who are returning to Reed the following fall are eligible. The recipients display or perform their works in the fall. For more information check the Locher page in Student Awards and Fellowships.

For more information, contact Michael Knutson.

Posted on Sep 26, 2019

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