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Capital improvements around campus this summer

Over the summer academic break, Facilities Services will be busy on a long list of projects:

1. Complete Trillium 

2. Remodel Canyon Cafe

3. Chemistry 313 lab renovation (Anthony Carrasquillo)

4. Psychology 102/103 remodel into a large computer lab

5. Vollum Lecture Hall screen and curtain replacement

6. Studio Art enclose outdoor welding area

7. A/V: VLH, Gray Lounge, Kaul auditorium, PAB 104, PAB Performance lab, Greenwood, ETC 205, 208, 211, Eliot 405, 414, 416

8. Biology 19 lecture hall, expand space, new seat cushions, carpet and paint; relocate marker boards; new A/V

9. Foster/Scholz carpet, paint, furniture, power/data upgrades.

10. Naito paint, carpet furniture

11. Birchwood apartments siding, window and furniture replacements

12. Old Dorm Block window replacements

13. Remodel E209/E210

14. Remodel Eliot 110

15. Sport Center seismic upgrade. Upgrade of pool pumps, controls and electrical.

16. ETC roof-top chiller replacement

17. Financial Aid offices remodel

18. Gender-inclusive restroom improvements in Biology and Vollum

19. Multiple routine roof replacements

20. Multiple card reader installations

21. Renovate/repair five faculty houses

22. Carpet and paint throughout campus

23. Complete requirements for CIZ-1 and NCUs

For more information, contact Steven Yeadon.
Submitted by Robin Tovey.
Posted on May 16, 2019

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