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New Summer Faculty/Staff Fitness & Wellness Classes now open

All faculty members, staff, and their partners are welcome to sign up for wellness and fitness classes at the Sports Center. Check out the new classes this term! Besides the usual offerings of noon time yoga, Pilates and circuit training, the Wellness Committee is pleased to offer two new classes: Tuesday after work kickstart cardio and Thursday before work "got balance." The variety of classes addresses everything from relaxation and stress reduction to toning, balance, and cardio workout. The summer term started Monday May 21st and goes through Friday, August 17th—you can join in at anytime. The Wellness Committee subsidizes the cost of classes, making them a real bargain over what you would pay at a studio. And the convenience is even better! Take a look at the class offerings and instructors, find answers to your questions, and register at Wellness.

For more information, contact Barbara Amen or visit:

Posted on May 29, 2018

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