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Reed Pool Reopens

As you are all aware by now, the Reed pool has been closed since last summer when an unexpected failure of the roof support required a massive overhaul of that portion of the Sports Center.  In order to repair not only the roof structure but also the resulting damage, the closure was necessary to rebuild the facility in a way that would ensure the longevity and safety of the building.  This has been an enormous and arduous undertaking, and I am incredibly pleased to say that the bulk of the work is complete and the pool reopened on Monday, April 9.  The contractors are still completing some details and finish work, but after such a long closure requiring an enormous amount of patience and flexibility from the Reed community, we wanted to get the pool up and running as soon as possible with regard to the safety of our patrons.
With that said, I want to state our full appreciation for the Reed community and our patrons in light of the challenges presented by this unfortunate turn of events.  Many of you put up with copious amounts of dust, noise, and other inconveniences including changes to your routines, workout and relaxation plans, or your anticipated schedule of PE credits while we endured these changes.  With such a dramatic and unplanned logistical challenge, we did our best to act as quickly as possible to address the issue and to provide a long-term solution that would not only repair the building but provide a lasting benefit to the campus.  On behalf of our department, I would like to thank all of you for your support during this endeavor.
Finally, I would especially like to recognize the contractors and construction workers who put in the long hours to see this project through efficiently and safely.  These individuals had the challenge of executing a large scale, highly technical project in the middle of our school year, in the middle of an active campus, with PE and academic classes in session, students and staff out and about in an incredibly tight space given the scale of the repairs and rebuilding that needed to occur.  Having watched these folks every day as I observed from my office and met with them regularly to review the progress, I was thoroughly impressed by their hard work, diligence and their respect for our students and community.  They worked incredibly long hours to meet deadlines—through the terrible weather of winter—and flexed their own agendas in order to be mindful of our classes and the needs of our students.  In a word, they were awesome
Thanks to all involved in the project for your hard work and dedication to see this through.  We are so thankful it is nearing the end, and we are incredibly excited to have our pool back and better than ever!
Michael Lombardo
Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs

For more information, contact Michael Lombardo.
Submitted by Robin Tovey.
Posted on Apr 9, 2018

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