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Register for the "Towards Pedagogies of Community-based Learning Symposium"

Community-organization leaders as well as faculty, staff, and students with an interest in community-based learning are invited to attend the second-annual "Toward Pedagogies of Critical Community-Based Learning Symposium" hosted by Portland State University. 

Tailored to all levels of proficiency, the primary purpose of the symposium is to illuminate the power inequalities that undergird community-based learning and promote community engagement pedagogies that are rooted in social justice ideals and values. By integrating community engagement experiences with thoughtful introduction, analysis, and discussion of issues important to understanding social justice, critical community-based learning pedagogies strive to promote positive social change, examine the distribution of power in society, and to focus on developing authentic, synergistic relationships between higher education institutions and the communities they engage.

The symposium will feature workshops and keynotes from many Pacific Northwest Universities and beyond, including Reed College, Lewis and Clark, University of Oregon, and Portland State.

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Submitted by Sophie Soprani.
Posted on Mar 1, 2018

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