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A Presentation by Cory Lira: Hey Fatty! A Discussion of Fat Identity, Obesity Myths, and Decolonial Fat Liberation

Thursday, December 3, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Psychology 105
This event is open to the public.

Together we'll discuss the often-ignored experiences and discourse of size, fatness, and fatidentity. In looking at the myths and beliefs surrounding fat people and the feared obesity crisis we will also explore how the pathologizing of fatness has prevented fat discrimination from being included in social justice work. By centering the conversation on the intersectional & decolonial identity/body politics that this identity holds for many queer and trans people of color, we will explore the ways in which fatness plays out in our privilege/oppression. The goal of this workshop is to break down stereotypes on fatness, develop an intersectional & decolonial approach and understanding of fat identity, and to create visibility for fat oppression and fat liberation.

This event is sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center. Free and open to the public. 

About the speaker: 

Cory Lira is a fat femme of color xicana speaker, educator, and writer based in Portland, OR. In addition to body and fat liberation work, she is an organizer for Critical Resistance Portland and helps run and write for the blog Fat People of Color.

Submitted by Dayspring Mattole.
Posted on Nov 30, 2015


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