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Fall Vollum Funds for Staff

Staff Vollum Funds

Each semester, Vollum Funds are available to provide financial assistance to staff members who wish to entertain students. The spirit of the program focuses on facilitating social interaction between students and staff in ways that clearly distinguish the activity from curricular activities.

Funds cover:

  • Hosting meals for students on or off campus

  • Attending plays, movies, museums, or for recreational activities

  • Fees for using Reed vans or taking Tri-Met, and fuel costs for other vehicles

Funds may not be used for alcoholic beverages or gifts.

Eligibility & schedule:

Staff members working >.5 FTE are entitled to $100 each semester, and staff <=.5 FTE to $50 each semester. Fall-semester funds may be used July 1 through the day before spring semester classes begin. Unused funds do not roll over. Staff may also combine their funds with those of other staff members for larger events.


A receipt must accompany your request for reimbursement. If you use cash or a personal card, please submit receipts to Student Services (Eliot 218). If a pCard was used to make the purchase, please send an email to for the accounting information to use when reconciling your card. Printed email authorization needs to be included in the pCard envelope as audit support.

Submitted by Amanda Dodds.
Posted on Aug 31, 2015


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