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Lights, camera, and . . . we need your help!

Reed's public affairs office is working with a local video firm, Juliet Zulu, to create a two-minute video about Reed. The goal is to capture the energy and essence of Reed and Reedies, and we need your help. As you notice JZ's small film crew roaming campus in the next few weeks, just be yourself, do the things you usually do, and if possible take no notice—most of this shooting is for B-roll, to be background for some interviews and hopefully a few clips from students. 

If you notice they seem to be specifically filming you, it's possible they'll approach you to ask for your OK—they'll have a short release form with them. If they attend classes, lectures, or scheduled events, prearrangements will be made with the professor or group leader.

There will be a couple of times (once in the library and probably in at least one other location) during which they'll offer Paradox coffee cards to students to help assuage any inconvenience in sharing the space.

If you have any questions, please contact the art director in public affairs, Tom Humphrey.

For more information, contact Tom Humphrey.
Submitted by Aimee Sisco.
Posted on Apr 16, 2015


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