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Reed runners demolish Portland Marathon

Approximately 45 students, staff, alumni, parents, and related life-forms ran in the Portland Marathon and Half-Marathon on Sunday in a vivid (and sweaty) demonstration of the versatility of a Reed education.

Several onlookers commented on Reed’s presence at the event, heightened by the distinctive Reed t-shirts and singlets, which proclaimed these eternal lines from the Odyssey:

What greater glory attends a man while he's alive, than what he wins with his racing feet and striving hands? Come and compete then, throw your cares to the wind!

The idea of Reed making a splash at the Portland Marathon first originated with John Bergholz '83, who hatched the plot a couple of years ago in conjunction with steadfast runners Todd Hesse, Stacey Kim, Ueli Stadler, and President Kroger. 

Race results and more . . . 

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Submitted by Robin Tovey.
Posted on Oct 9, 2014


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