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This summer Bill Vaughan in facilities and Clea Taylor in residence life have cooperated on a plan to replace all of the student room furniture in Old Dorm Block and Anna Mann. Old Dorm Block was furnished in 1992, when it was remodeled to the current configuration. Anna Mann was furnished the following year. The wooden beds, desks, and chairs are now 22 years old. They have held up nicely but are showing some battle scars. We have contracted with Sustainable Furniture, Inc. for replacement. They have already been to campus to pick up all of the furniture and will soon return with the replacements. The sustainable point of this story is that they disassemble, sand, re-cut, and refinish all of the wood from the old furniture and reconstruct new pieces from the same material. Under the surface of a beaten oak chair lies a perfectly good oak core which can be brought back to life. The new furniture is lighter, stronger, more ergonomically designed, and it's all from recycled materials.  --Towny

Posted on Jul 29, 2014


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