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Summer Conferences At Reed

Each summer, Reed welcomes thousands of guests to campus from all over the world as part of our summer conferences program. This summer, over a 10-week period, Reed is hosting 14 conferences and events with over 18,000 guests. Events will take place in buildings throughout campus. Because conference & events planning (CEP) staff members cannot be everywhere at once, we value and appreciate the help you offer to lost attendees! If you have questions, please call the CEP main office line, extension 7522, or email CEP. We will include program updates in each summer issue of At Reed. Thank you for helping us welcome all of our guests to campus.

Here are the current conferences:

Chamber Music Northwest Summer Festival

June 19-July 27

Concerts and open rehearsals throughout the summer in Kaul Auditorium

Registration: Kaul foyerDorm: French House, Farm House

Meals: Catering and barbecues in the quad

More information: 

Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication

June 26-July 29

Classes on intercultural communication and diversity

Registration: Vollum Lounge

Meals: Commons

More information:

Saturday Academy

July 7-August 1

Classes for youth 

Registration: Vollum

Meals: Commons

More information:

For more information, contact Beth Martin.

Posted on Jul 2, 2014


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