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What Are Some of Our Alumni Doing Now?

Dell Hymes, Professor of Anthropology, University of Virginia

REED THESIS: A Critique of Christopher Caudwell's Illusion and Reality (1950)

TODAY: Professor Hymes is a world-famous Linguistic Anthropologist who specializes in the Languages and verbal traditions of the North Pacific Coast, particularly Washington and Oregon Native American peoples. He is the author of numerous volumes including the highly influential In Vain I Tried To Tell You. Essays in Native American Ethno-poetics (1981).

Gary Snyder, Poet and Professor of English, University of California, Davis

REED THESIS: The Dimensions of a Myth (1951)

TODAY: Best known for his influential role in the Beat Movement, poet Gary Snyder has published eighteen books and been translated into more than twenty languages. He has been the subject of innumerable essays, five critical books and countless international interviews. His work and thinking has been featured in video specials on BBC-TV and PBS, and in every major national print organ. Professor Snyder's work continues to be influenced by and honoring of Native American peoples and traditions. The Reed College Library has an extensive collection of Gary Snyder's work both in Special Collections and their General Holdings.