Residence life office

28 West Building

Residence life
seeks to provide an environment where students are able to successfully pursue both their academic and interpersonal goals. Living in a residence hall at Reed offers students an opportunity to become involved in a smaller community; most floors have 15-20 residents. More than just places to sleep or hang one's clothes, residence halls provide an opportunity for students to learn about themselves and others, meet people from all over the country and world, and be exposed to lifestyles, ideas, and points of view that may be new to them. Life in Reed residence halls is guided by the honor principle, which promotes self-governance and expects students to think critically about how their behavior or action affects others.

Since on-campus housing is a popular option at Reed, a housing lottery is held each spring in which returning students choose their room for the following academic year. Rooms for first-year and transfer students are assigned during the first week in August.

(last modified: November 10, 2017)