Class size and enrollment limits

The college strives to accommodate all students who want to take a particular course and who have adequate preparation. This is balanced with the belief that course enrollment should facilitate effective teaching and learning. Most conferences are limited to 24 students. Once 24 students have enrolled, students may place themselves on a wait list. When space becomes available, while the online registration system (SOLAR) is open, the next student on the list will be notified and be given a period of time (typically 48 hours) to secure the open spot. Once classes have begun, and SOLAR is closed, students can only be added from the wait list using an add/drop form.

Occasionally, the Committee on Academic Policies and Planning (CAPP) will approve a faculty member's request to apply enrollment criteria (e.g. class standing, major) to a course after enrollment has begun. If this results in students being dropped from the course, those students will be automatically placed on the wait list and will be notified of this action by the registrar's office.

Students who have met the prerequisites and are successfully enrolled in a course at the end of the preceding spring semester are guaranteed entry to that class. Faculty may give special consideration to requests from new transfer students and to students returning from leave.

(last modified: July 19, 2018)