Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

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2018 GLS Student Papers Published

Congratulations to Meg Cook, Libby O’Neil, and Mike Schock who will see their work published in the 2018 issue of Western Tributaries, the annual journal published by the Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) West Coast Joint Symposium. Western Tributaries showcases graduate student research, writing, and creative work presented at the annual GLS symposium, which all three students attended at Stanford in June 2018. Meg's paper on "America's Poshlust Vacuum: Understanding Commodity Fetishism, the Young-Girl, and the Role of the Artist in Nabokov's Lolita" also won the AGLSP national writing award. (Read her paper here.) Libby’s paper “Wedding (and Divorcing) the Brides of Christ” examined the martial discourse surrounding women religious during the Reformation. She argues that their status was linked to earthly marriage and thus can explain both the highly contested elimination of the convent in Protestant areas, as well as the drastically heighted focus on public vows, convent enclosure, and class-exclusivity in Catholic areas. Mike wrote his paper on Basic Structures of Ideological Communication in Traditional Hollywood Feature Film Narratives.” He argues that these films play a significant role in the framing and reframing of socio-cultural systems of belief, and provide qualitative statements on the values, ideas, and beliefs that inform human thought and behavior in relation to predominant ideologies of Western culture.

Visit Western Tributaries in December to view these and other papers presented at the GLS.