Luce Chinese Studies Grants

Luce Foundation Grants for

Undergraduate Research in Chinese Studies

Application Procedure
Downloadable Guidelines


The Luce Foundation Grants are intended to encourage undergraduate Chinese studies at Reed and to enhance undergraduate Chinese related summer research opportunities in any relevant discipline. Research projects should be well-designed programs aimed at expanding the student's knowledge of a topic related to China. Projects need not include travel abroad or work in foreign languages. Luce Grants are not intended to support language study.

Grants will be awarded on the basis of the quality and feasibility of the project design, its relevance to the student's proposed field of study, and the perceived academic benefit to the student. Each grantee will be required to produce a 10-15 page final report, which is to be presented orally to the Reed community during the following academic year, and which will be made available to future applicants. The report and presentation will be due no later than the last week of September. Note that for fully-funded summer-long projects, grantees may not hold a job as well. The grant is meant for full-time summer work on the project.

Amounts awarded will be decided on the basis of demonstrated need, up to a maximum of $3000.00 per grant.


  • Applicants must be enrolled students in their sophomore or junior year at Reed.
  • No one who has commenced his/her senior year at Reed may apply.
  • Applicants must have already completed some course work at Reed relevant to their proposed topics.


Application Procedure

Applications will be presented to a review committtee. Please follow the guidelines below carefully.

Please provide six stapled copies of the following:

  1. A cover letter which introduces yourself, the proposed project, it's relevance to your field of study and/or major, and the benefits you hope to derive from this experience.

  2. A 1-3 page outline which provides detail about the proposed project. This outline should include:
    • The relevance of the proposed topic to the discipline as a whole as well as to your own field of study.
    • The desired educational outcome of the experience and how it applies to your short or long-term academic or professional career.
    • How you plan to structure the project to maximize learning.
    • Information about the nature of the proposed research site, organizations or informants you'll work with, and the nature of your proposed relationship with them. Include names, addresses and phone numbers for your contacts.
    • An itinerary giving a detailed description of the chronology of your research activities.
    • How you have prepared for your research project (i.e., coursework, language work, extracurricular activities, archival research, etc.).
  3. A bibliography (at least one-page) of sources relevant to the project you plan to consult.

  4. A resume indicating your education and work experiences.

  5. A budget of your projected expenses. This should include direct costs for living: travel, lodging, food, etc; Research costs such as association or informant fees; fees for museum or archive access, etc.; and any necessary equipment. Requests for equipment must be supported with clear evidence of need. Please note that the committee will consider the budget on an item-by-item basis.

  6. A letter of support from a faculty member that speaks to your qualifications, the merit of the proposal, and the feasibility of the project.


Applications should be submitted to Lois Hobbs by 4 pm the first Monday of March. Applicants will be contacted regarding the status of their proposals by the end of March.

Downloadable Guidelines

Grant application guidelines are downloadable in both Word and PDF formats.




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