Doyle Online Writing Lab

Self Evaluation Worksheet

1. What did you think of this piece of writing so far?

2. What direction do you intend to take with it?

3. Which specific sections are giving you trouble?

4. Does the beginning fit with the body of the piece?

5. What will you need to know to be able to continue on this piece of writing?

6. What parts of this draft do you intend to work on before turning in the final draft?

7. How does this piece compare to your earlier pieces?

8. How would you summarize what you feel you are trying to say in this piece?

9. Have you left anything out?

10. Are there some sentence level issues that you would like to work on?

11. Are there some parts of the piece that you do not like? What would you like to change?

12. Did anything surprise you as you worked on the draft? Did you discover anything?