Women’s Committee

Permanent Membership

Categories of Membership




General chairpersons and program co-chairwomen who have completed their active term on the committee.




Those persons who have distinguished themselves by outstanding service to Reed College through the committee.

Privileges of Permanent Membership

  • Audits of courses. Coordinated through the admission office and predicated on faculty approval. Fees vary. The college catalog is available at web.reed.edu/academic/catalog/index, or visit the admission office.
  • Use of the library, including a collection of over 500,000 print volumes and 4,000 periodicals. The library is a depository for U.S. government publications and maintains special collections of rare books, manuscripts, and archival materials. Show your RCWC permanent member identification card at the library.
  • Use of sports center, swimming pool, and tennis courts. Call 503/777-7285 for hours, or go to web.reed.edu/sports_center. Show your RCWC permanent member identification card at the sports center.
  • Receipt of mailings for major public events on campus, and the quarterly Reed magazine.
  • Participation in Paideia. This student-run program occurs in January, preceding the spring semester; and consists of 7-10 days of non-credit courses on a wide variety of topics. The schedule is usually available just prior to the event. Contact the RCWC liaison for further information.
  • Annual meeting and program featuring a Reed speaker from the faculty, staff, and/or student body. Lunch fee applies and will be announced annually with the invitation.

Permanent Members

E=Ex-Officio Member

H=Honored Member


Judy Adams
Frances Ames
Kit Archie
Sabine Artaud Wild
Jean Babson (D)
Elizabeth Barton
Karyn Baumeister
Joan Biggs
Sybil Bigley
Mary Bishop
Helen Bledsoe
Nancy Bragdon [H]
Marjorie Briggs
Kay Bristow
Susan Brody
Helen Burns
Dorothy Campbell
Joanne Carlson
Marlys Chapman
Deb Chessar
Linda Clingan
Roberta Cohen
Evelyn Cooper (D)
Marilyn Deering
Frances Diack [H]
Julie Dietzler
Joan Diver [H]
Jo Durham
Susan Einowski
Sandra Etlinger
Joan Foley
Cynthia Francisco
Marnie Frank
Susan Franzen
Emilie Frisbee (D)
Sylvia Breed Gates
Renee Glasgow
Irma Goldman
Marti Granmo
Mickey Hallett
Edel Harrington (D)
Ruth Patterson Hart (D)
Candace Harvey-Smith
Kari Hauge
Ellen Heltzel
Ardis Henricks (D)
Kay Herrmann (D)
Carrie Hervin (D)
Elizabeth Hirsch (D)
Lisa Hoehler
Jean Suman Holt
Renee Holzman
Kay Hovey (D)
Cecelia Huntington
Dorothy Johnson (D)
Pat Karamanos
Judy Keane
Nan Koerner
Barbara Langley
Marsha Large [H]
Phyllis Larned (D)

Sylvi Larsen
Nancy Leuschel
Kathleen Lewis
Nadja Lilly
Priscilla Longfield
Elisabeth Lyon
Cheryl MacNaughton (D)
Betty Martin
Lucy Z. Martin
Ellen McClure
Toinette Menashe [H]
Alice Meyer
Gloria Mighell
Marie Miller (D)
Janet Moore
Anne C. Munch
Christina S. Neil
Madeline Nelson
Patti Nemer
Janice Orloff
Turid Owren
Diane Pancoast
Martha Peterson
Dee Poth
Mariniah Prendergast
Jeanne Radow
Eileen Reierson
Nancy Rinehart
Claire Rives
Mary Ann Ryan
Elaine Savinar
Jessica Scarborough
Judy Schultz (D)
Joan Schwager
Barbara Sepenuk
Joan Shipley
Carol Shoemaker
Nell Simkoff
Barbara Sloop
Donna Smith
Elizabeth Neighbor Smith
Nancy E. Stevens
Jean Stevenson
Donna Swan
Chris Swanson
Elaine R. Tanzer
Melody Teppola (D)
Carol B. Thomas
Margret Thomas
Mary Betty Underwood
Jane Viehl
Barbara Walker
Dorothy Walter (D)
Harriet Watson
Elaine Weinstein
Roberta Weinstein
Pat Wessinger
Janet Westwood
Kaycee Wiita
Anne P. Wood (D)
Janet Wyse
Jane Zahler