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Doorways and Lintels

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1863. "Plates 45 and 46. 51. Palace of the Governor in Uxmal, Yucatán. Principal facade. 1860. Albuminium prints. Panorama of two parts."
Photograph mounted in Charnay, Cités et Ruines Américaines, 1862; taken by Charnay 1859-60. This image scanned from a 35mm slide taken from a copy in the AMNH (RF-106-D). Reproduced Courtesy of The Division of Anthropology, American Museum of Natural History.

2003. Uxmal, Governor's Palace, Front (east) Facade. Sections farthest left (south). Cf. 1863 photo at left, which shows lintels of and frieze above both doorways collapsed.
photo Jan. 2003
1895. "Fig. 6. Exterior Doorway" and "Fig. 7. Interior Doorway", with brief description of each. Drawing at bottom is similar to many at Uxmal.
Closely based on Holmes’s 1894-1895 on-site drawing, published in Holmes, Archaeological Studies among the Ancient Cities of Mexico, 1895
1888-1891. Kabah, Codz Poop, Front (west) Facade. 3 surviving doorways in center of facade; those at either side had collapsed.
1888-1891 photograph by Henry N. Sweet as a member of the Thompson/Peabody expedition; scanned from 35mm slide of original photograph at Dumbarton Oaks. Reproduced Courtesy of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University.
2003. Kabah, Codz poop. Same view as in 1888-1891 photo at left. Partly consolidated and restored 1951, with reinforced concrete lintels.
photo Jan. 2003 (24mm lens)
1917. "Fig. 106. Uxmal. House of the Governor. Doorposts." Cross-section elevation showing post and lintel design.
Closely based on Seler’s on-site drawing, published in Seler, “Die Ruinen von Uxmal,” 1917.
Labná, East Building, Front ( west) Facade. 3rd doorways from right, with rare surviving stone lintel.
photo Jan. 2002
Uxmal, Nunnery. Decayed wooden lintels, possibly originals, removed from doorways, stored in room on south side of South Building.
photo Jan. 2001 (flash)
Uxmal, Nunnery, North Building, Front Facade. 2nd doorway from right, with reinforced concrete lintels, installed 1955, now deteriorating.
photo Jan. 2001
 1843. Vol.I, facing p.308: "East Building, Casa de las Monjas, Uxmal, Room inside Central Doorway". Lintels of the 2 larger doorways collapsed.
Closely based on Catherwood’s 1841-42 on-site drawing, published in Stephens, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan, 1843
2003. Uxmal, East Building, Central Room. Restoration in process with new jambs and wooden lintels.
photo 2003 (24mm lens, flash; in this photo the verticals have not been artificially straightened as has been done in the print at left).
Detail of room in photo at left, showing new jambs and wooden lintels.
photo Jan. 2001
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