Theatre Department

Degree Requirements

Junior Qualifying Examination

Students are evaluated through a qualifying examination in the second semester of their junior year. Performance on this exam as well as departmental courses determines the student’s eligibility to proceed to senior standing and the nature and scope of the thesis project that may be undertaken. Students are expected to have completed the crew requirement (THEA 162) by the time this exam is taken.

Senior Thesis

The senior thesis of a theatre major may be a research-centered project or a project that integrates research with production. Recent production projects have been undertaken in directing, playwriting, acting, dramaturgy, and design.

Requirements for the Major

  1. Theatre 202 (Introduction to Theatrical Design), 210 (Acting Laboratory), 331 (Directing I).
  2. Two of the following four courses: Theatre 240, 250, 260, 280. One of these must be Theatre 250 or 260; one course in dramatic literature taken outside the department may be substituted for the remaining course.
  3. Four units of theatre electives.
  4. Fulfillment of crew requirement (see below).
  5. Humanities 210, 220, or 230 (generally used to fulfill the Group B requirement) or two units in one department (other than Theatre) within the Division of the Arts.
  6. Theatre 470 (Thesis).

One unit selected from dance, music, or art is recommended.

Divisional requirement of proficiency in a foreign language at the second-year level.

Crew Requirement (Theatre 162)

Students majoring in theatre or combined theatre programs are required to complete two sections of Theatre 162 before taking the junior qualifying examination. With departmental permission, one section of Theatre 163 may be substituted for one of these sections. For stage managers, one section of Theatre 161 may be substituted. Students should fulfill this requirement in consultation with department faculty. Theatre 162 is also open to nonmajors.