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Tango For Musicians at Reed College is open to all musicians who are interested in playing, arranging, composing, and teaching tango music. Previous experience with tango is not necessary, though technical proficiency on your instrument and the ability to read music are required. We especially welcome professional-level players and/or ensembles and will offer tiered tracks to match and challenge players of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Enrollment is limited to 100 participants.

Tuition is $1,300. This cost includes all standard instruction, materials, room and board on campus, and tickets to all associated performances. It does not include the cost of transportation to and from the Reed College campus. Private lessons and coaching with the artistic faculty will be available at an additional cost and at faculty discretion.

All instruction and educational materials will be presented in English.


All applicants will be required to select their instrument and submit a video of themselves playing as part of the registration process. Registration materials and instructions will be posted soon.

Are you an arranger or composer?

Tango For Musicians at Reed College will offer special tracks on tango arranging and composing for students with previous experience. Artistic faculty members Diego Schissi (composition) and Exequiel Mantega (arranging) will direct these two special tracks. In order to participate in these classes, you must submit one original composition or arrangement for evaluation by the artistic faculty members.

Are you a beginning bandoneón player?

Tango For Musicians at Reed College will offer a special track for beginning bandoneón players. Under the direction of artistic faculty member Eva Wolff and utilizing educational materials designed specifically for those who are still mastering this emblematic instrument, the beginning bandoneón track will focus on the fundamentals of instrumental technique, melodic phrasing and rhythmic articulation on the bandoneón, as well as sectional interaction and basic group performance. The beginning bandoneón track is open to any and all players of that instrument regardless of previous experience.

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