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Tango For Musicians at Reed College is open to all musicians who are interested in playing, arranging, composing, and teaching tango music. Previous experience with tango is not necessary. Enrollment is limited to 100 participants, and spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Tuition is $1,300. This cost includes all standard instruction, materials, room and board on campus, three daily meals at our local and sustainability-focused restaurant, and tickets to all associated performances. It does not include the cost of transportation to and from the Reed College campus. Private lessons and coaching with the artistic faculty will be available at an additional cost and at faculty discretion. Full payment is due at the time of registration.

Discounted tuition is available for a limited number of participants who plan to attend the conference with all members of their pre-existing ensembles. For more information about the ensemble discount, please contact us at tango@reed.edu.

All instruction and educational materials will be presented in English.


Steps for Registration

1. Fill out the registration form and submit payment (full tuition is due at the time of registration).

2. Send us a video within 30 days of completing your registration. You must email us (tango@reed.edu) a link of you playing your instrument (details below), uploaded to YouTube (see instructions below). This will help our evaluation team assign you to a proper ensemble. THIS IS NOT AN AUDITION.

3. You will receive your ensemble and level assignment after we have received your video.

4. You will receive your parts for the ensemble and instrument classes in order to prepare for the workshop (between 4/30-5/7/15).

Recording Your Video

After registering, you should record a video of yourself playing your instrument, in any genre (tango, classical, folk, etc.). Your video can be solo or with an ensemble, or just your instrument without playback. The video does not need to be technically sophisticated (a perfectly good video can be made with most smartphones). If you play multiple instruments, you must choose one primary instrument in order to participate in the ensembles and attend the instrument-specific class sessions.

During the intensive week of classes, we will work in two different levels. Your videos will be used to assign you to the proper level. NOTE: BEGINNING BANDONEON PLAYERS DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT A VIDEO IN ORDER TO REGISTER AND PARTICIPATE.

We have also prepared specific tango material that can be chosen for video recording, if you wish. These pieces are divided into Level 1 and Level 2. These are specific materials that allow us to assess your knowledge of tango music and determine the best groupings for you to learn the most from your experience with us. If you wish to record your video using these materials, please follow these steps:

1. Download the material that corresponds to your primary instrument.

2. In the instrument files, you will find general material to record and two fragments of works designated as Level 1 and Level 2. There is a PDF file that contains instructions and sheet music and audio files with which you will play along.

3. Choose one of the works to record - either Level 1 or Level 2. We recommend that you record the material that best showcases your technical possibilities. It is important that you feel comfortable with your chosen fragment. The more comfortable you are with the material, the more you will be able to take advantage of the classes to which you are assigned.

4. Make a recording (ideally uploaded as a YouTube video) of the fragments and required activities. You must use the accompaniment play-along files that are provided when recording your version (piano and bandoneon players will not find play-along files, because the pieces are for a solo instrument).

5. Upload your video to YouTube.

6. Done! Please email us at tango@reed.edu and include your full name and the link to your video.

Are you an arranger or composer?

Tango For Musicians at Reed College will offer special tracks on tango arranging and composing for students with previous experience. Artistic faculty members Diego Schissi (composition) and Exequiel Mantega (arranging) will direct these two special tracks. The sessions will take place concurrently, so you may register for arranging or composing, but not both. In order to participate in these classes, you must submit one original composition or arrangement for evaluation by the artistic faculty members.

You might send one arrangement or composition of your own (including audio and the master score).
A home recording of your musical group rehearsal is acceptable. Your recording could also be an exported MIDI file or mp3 file made by any musical program.
A PDF of the master score is acceptable.
You must prepare a zipped file of these elements.
You may use DropBox, Google Drive, Send 6, or a similar platform to upload the zipped file.
Upload your file and have the public link ready to provide when you complete the registration form.

Are you a beginning bandoneón player?

Tango For Musicians at Reed College will offer a special track for beginning bandoneón players. Under the direction of artistic faculty member Eva Wolff and utilizing educational materials designed specifically for those who are still mastering this emblematic instrument, the beginning bandoneón track will focus on the fundamentals of instrumental technique, melodic phrasing and rhythmic articulation on the bandoneón, as well as sectional interaction and basic group performance. The beginning bandoneón track is open to any and all players of that instrument regardless of previous experience.

Attention bandoneón and piano players

In the material provided for recording your video, you will find two parts to record as a solo instrument. These parts are meant to be recorded as a soloist and do not require a play along track.


Sax Bb and Clarinet Bb
Sax Eb

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