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Registration information for 2017 workshop is not yet available.

Steps for Registration

1. Fill out the registration form and submit payment (full tuition is due at the time of registration). This will reserve your spot for our program.

2. Send us a video that best represents your playing (see instructions below). Our evaluation team will use these videos to make ensemble assignments and place participants in the appropriate level for our instrumental techniques classes. THIS IS NOT AN AUDITION. You will get the most out of our program if you have proficiency on your instrument and are able to read music, but we are open to musicians of all backgrounds and levels of experience. (NOTE: BEGINNING BANDONEON PLAYERS DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT A VIDEO IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE.) We must have access to your video within two weeks from when you complete your registration.

3. You will receive your ensemble assignment, parts, and materials for your tiered instrumental techniques classes no later than May 2, 2016. These materials will be sent to you as PDF files via email. We ask you to arrive on campus having printed out and prepared these materials on your own so that ensembles and instrumental techniques classes can hit the ground running.


Recording Your Video

After registering, you will need to submit a video of yourself playing your instrument. The video can feature any genre of music (tango, classical, jazz, folk, etc.) and can be solo or with an ensemble. The video does not need to be technically sophisticated (a perfectly good video can be made with most smartphones) but should fairly represent your level of playing. Again, THIS IS NOT AN AUDITION. We just want to get a sense of your experience and proficiency on your instrument in order to make ensemble and instrumental techniques assignments. If you play multiple instruments, please choose a primary instrument that you will play in ensembles and focus on in instrumental techniques classes, which are instrument-specific and will be tiered according to level and experience. (Beginning bandoneón players are not required to submit a video. Simply indicate that you want to participate in our beginning bandoneon track when you register and you are all set.)


Submitting Your Video

Once you have made your video, we ask that you upload it to YouTube and send us a link to it via email (tango@reed.edu). See instructions on how to upload your video here. Please include your full name and instrument in your email. That’s it! Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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