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A Unique Curriculum

Tango For Musicians at Reed College features a rigorous curriculum designed to maximize student learning within and across our many featured activities.


Tango sheet music

Tango For Musicians at Reed College will provide the tools needed to play, arrange, compose, improvise, and teach tango music. All students will participate in instrumental techniques classes tiered to different levels of experience and have the chance to play and perform with student ensembles.

New for 2016, we are designing a diverse offering of specialized masterclasses that students will be able to choose from according to their interests and abilities. These masterclasses will be tiered toward beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of experience so that all students are able to get the most possible out of our program. Sessions will include focused workshops on tango composition and arranging, tango styles and history, and a wide array of other topics.


Are you a beginning bandoneón player?

Tango For Musicians at Reed College will offer a special track for beginning bandoneón players. Under the direction of artistic faculty member Eva Wolff, author of “The Bandoneón in Tango,” and utilizing educational materials designed specifically for those who are still mastering this emblematic instrument, the beginning bandoneón track will focus on the fundamentals of instrumental technique, melodic phrasing and rhythmic articulation on the bandoneón, as well as sectional interaction and basic group performance. The beginning bandoneón track is open to any and all players of the instrument, regardless of previous experience.

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