Sustainability at Reed

Reed College bike rack

Sustainable Transportation and Parking

Reed's urban location is a natural for encouraging sustainable transportation and parking decisions. Multiple bus lines run along the campus perimeter, and Portland is a cyclist's paradise. The completion of the MAX light rail green line in 2015 will be further encouragement for faculty, staff, and students to use mass transit to access campus.

Reed offers the following incentives to faculty, staff, and students to encourage sustainable transportation choices:

  • Subsidy for TriMet bus passes
  • Bicycle parking: 550 anchored, 150 covered and 53 freestanding racks for a total of 753 spots
  • Participation in the annual bike commute challenge
  • Rewards for alternate transportation on high-volume event days
  • Preferred parking locations for carpools
  • College-subsidized Zipcars in multiple locations on campus

In addition, the college adheres to the following transportation and parking decisions:

  • Limits on the number of vehicles for use by college departments
  • Biodiesel used in grounds equipment
  • All requirements for appropriate number of parking spaces on campus, as set forth by city planning office, met or exceeded
  • Parking available at convenient locations, integrated with landscape and removed from main traffic corridor of surrounding streets
  • No increase in parking spaces (except those included in purchase of the Birchwood Apartments and medical office properties) even through new buildings have been added and the number of faculty and staff has increased

We want to hear from you.

If you have ideas about what Reed could do to improve sustainability efforts on campus, send an email to the sustainability committee.