Sustainability at Reed

Project Proposal Guidelines

Projects will address some aspect of sustainability at Reed, either by directly changing Reed's resource consumption or waste output (i.e. garden projects, waste reduction initiatives, infrastructure changes), or by helping foster a culture of sustainability at Reed (i.e. events, speakers, educational workshops).

Proposals should contain the following:

  • Project Title and Summary
  • Contact Information (Names and e-mails of individuals involved in designing the proposal)
  • Project Objectives (Why is this project necessary? How will it contribute to sustainability at Reed?)
  • Budget (Along with a total cost figure, this should list all necessary materials for the project and their individual costs)
  • Technical Approach and Timeline (How will the project be implemented? When will the details of its implementation take place? By what date will the project be completed?)

Additionally, funded projects should expect to follow-up to the committee with the results of the project.