Student Services

Vice President for Student Services

Photo of Dean of Student Services, Mike Brody

I have the great privilege of working with a staff of dedicated colleagues in the service of Reed College’s educational mission. It is our aspiration that intellectual growth and academic achievement at Reed will occur in the context of physical and emotional wellbeing, and a community of caring. We seek to enrich the Reed experience by supporting students' efforts in the classroom, and by extending the learning environment beyond the classroom, and beyond the campus. We attend to the whole student and the entire community, nurturing the passion, intensity, and creativity that characterize the Reed education. We endeavor to guide students in their quest to learn and grow from the moment they arrive at Reed to the day they graduate, and throughout their lives as Reed alumni.

This link will direct you to the departments that comprise the division of student services. We very intentionally work as a team, so if you have any questions and aren’t sure who to call, please don’t hesitate to contact my office. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Brody
Vice President for Student Services