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Medical Leave of Absence

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A medical leave of absence (MLOA) may be available for students who have medical or psychological conditions that severely limit their ability to perform their academic work.  Students who would like to request a medical leave of absence should begin by meeting with a staff member in Health and Counseling.  Medical leaves of absence are granted by the Dean of Students in consultation with Reed’s Health and Counseling Services, and are based on the written recommendation of a physician or mental health professional. Medical leaves of absence may be in effect for a maximum of four consecutive semesters. Generally, the student will have three months of documented/demonstrated symptom improvement and stability prior to requesting readmission.  Tuition, room and board refunds will be calculated on the college’s refund schedule, found by checking with the Business Office. The final deadline to take a medical leave of absence during the semester is the last day of finals.

For information regarding non-medical leaves, emergency absences, and withdrawals, please click here.

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What are the steps for taking a medical leave of absence?

  1. Contact the Health & Counseling Center (HCC) to schedule an appointment to discuss the MLOA. (If you cannot physically get to campus, see below, "What are the steps to take an MLOA if I cannot get to campus in person?" for alternative steps)

  2. Read the FAQs.

  3. Download, print, and fill out the first section (name, ID, and contact info) of the MLOA form (see above for link), and if you have a provider outside of the HCC, please fill in that portion of the second section as well.

  4. Bring the partly-completed MLOA form to your appointment with Health & Counseling.

  5. At your meeting, someone from Health & Counseling will answer any questions you may have. Following your discussion, you and the HCC staff member will both sign the MLOA form.

  6. If you have specific questions regarding academics, and/or would like an additional meeting to discuss these questions, please email the office of the Dean of Student Services ( It is helpful to include your questions in the email so you may be best directed to the most appropriate resource.

  7. Bring the MLOA form to the remaining required offices or individuals, ask questions, and get required signatures. Required signatures for everyone include the Office of the Dean of Student Services (start here!), the Business Office, and Financial Aid (whether or not you use Financial Aid!). If you live on campus, the Residence Life signature is required. If you are an international student, the International Student Services signature is required.

  8. Return the completed form to the Office of the Dean of Student Services.

  9. The completed form will be logged and a copy filed in the Office of the Dean of Student Services. The original form will be delivered to the Registrar's Office.

  10. An email will be sent to your professors and adviser from the Office of the Dean of Student Services to notify them that the MLOA paperwork is being processed and that the Registrar's Office will notify them when the student is removed from their classes (if the MLOA is taken during the academic year).


What are the steps to take an MLOA if I cannot get to campus in person?

If you decide you’d like to take a medical leave, but are not currently in the Portland area, the process will be slightly different. Please take the following steps in the order listed.

  1. Read MLOA FAQs

  2. Download and print out the MLOA form (see links at the top of the page).  Fill out the first section (name, ID, and contact info), and if you have a provider outside of the Health and Counseling Center (HCC), please fill out that portion of the second section as well.

  3. Send the form to the HCC via fax, or scan and email (fax: 503.517.4947, email:

  4. Set up a brief phone meeting with the Director of Health and Counseling to clarify the medical or psychological reason for the medical leave and identify an initial plan for treatment while away. You can discuss any questions you may have, and to obtain any information relevant to your medical leave. (The Director should have your partly filled-out form by this point). At the conclusion of the telephone meeting, the HCC Director will sign and forward your MLOA form to the Vice President and Dean of Student Services' Office.

  5. If you have specific questions regarding academics, and/or would like an additional meeting to discuss these questions, please email the office of the Vice President and Dean of Student Services ( It is helpful to include your questions in the email so you may be best directed to the most appropriate resource.

  6. Because you will be unable to visit each required office in person for a signature to complete your MLOA form, you will need to contact each office listed on the form via email to notify them of your plan to take a medical leave of absence, ask them any questions you may have, and request information from them.

    Send one email and include all the following offices and individuals to notify them of your plans to take a medical leave. The email you send to these offices serves as an electronic signature on the form. Listed below are the six offices / individuals and the corresponding email addresses:

    Student Services        (Required)   

    Financial Aid        (Required, whether or not you are receiving aid)

    Business Office        (Required)       

    Residence Life        (Only required if you are currently signed up for housing)   

    International Student Services    (Only required if you are an international student)   

  7. Once we have received the email you sent to these offices, your MLOA form will be finalized and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  You will receive a confirmation via email from Student Services when this has occurred.

  8. An email will be sent to your professors and adviser from the Vice President and Dean of Student Services' Office to notify them that the MLOA form is being processed and that the Registrar's Office will be removing your name from their class lists (if the MLOA is taken during the academic year).

  9. Please remember to review the FAQs and connect with the appropriate departments with any additional questions you may have regarding things like removing your belongings from your residence hall, or how much of a refund, if any, you may expect from the Business Office.

How long is a medical leave?

A medical leave may be in effect a maximum of four semesters. See below for information on applying to return. (Please note: LOAs and MLOAs may not be stacked beyond four semesters--you may not spend more than four semesters away by returning from MLOA and immediately going on LOA or vice versa.)


How do I apply to return to Reed?

Students on medical leave have to secure approval from the Office of the Dean of Students to return. At the time a medical leave is taken, students will receive a letter from the Dean of Students describing in detail the steps required to be approved to return.  In order to authorize your return to Reed, we will need to see evidence that you have followed treatment recommendations and your condition has stabilized satisfactorily, and for a sufficient period of time, such that there is a reasonable expectation that you will be able to succeed at Reed. Toward this end, when you feel you are ready to return:

  1. Please send a letter requesting to return from Medical Leave. The letter should describe how you have made productive use of your time away, what treatment recommendations you have followed to deal with the medical/psychological situation that resulted in the interruption of your studies, and why you believe that you are ready to return to Reed College. The letter must be sent to both Mike Brody, Vice President and Dean of Students, (via and to Kate Smith, Director of Health and Counseling (
  2. Please submit the questionnaire, completed and signed by your primary treatment provider, to Kate Smith. The questionnaire will have been enclosed with the letter you received from the Office of the Dean of Students to confirm that you have been granted a medical leave of absence. Please contact if you lose your questionnaire and need another copy.

The above documentation is due on 6/30 for returning Fall semester and 11/30 for returning Spring semester. Requests to return and associated documentation received after these dates will not be considered.

Please note: To receive full consideration for financial aid, financial aid applications must be received by May 1 (before the deadline to apply to return from leave). Students are encouraged to fill out an application prior to the deadline, so the option is available to them, should they decide to apply to return. See the Financial section below for more detail.


What happens after I submit my application to return?

Once we have the aforementioned documents, we will conduct a thorough review of your request to return.  Health and Counseling staff will review your documentation and will consult with you and your provider(s) (with your permission) about your readiness to return. The Director of Health and Counseling will submit a recommendation to the VP / Dean of Students regarding your return. You will be informed of the decision regarding your return via an email from the Administrative Assistant to Student Services.


What happens if my medical leave of absence expires, and I want to come back?

Students who left the college on medical leave must secure the approval to return from the student services office, even if the leave expired and they are now considered failed to return from a medical leave of absence.

Students whose medical leave expires must apply for readmission through the registrar's office, and meet the conditions for approval to return from medical leave through students services and the health and counseling center.

Students applying for financial aid should complete all the necessary paperwork and adhere to applicable deadlines, which often are earlier than the deadlines for registering.  Financial aid cannot be awarded until the student has been formally readmitted. For that reason, the sooner the student applies for readmission, the better. 


Is there a limit to the number of times a student may take a leave?

There is no administrative limit on the number of medical leaves a student may take. However, please note that medical leaves may not be taken back to back without a period of enrollment. Please contact the Registrar's Office with questions. 

How is the process of taking time off different if I'm an incoming student (new first year or transfer student)?

Students who are new to Reed and have not yet registered for classes are eligible to defer. Registration is the determining factor in whether an individual is considered a current student or an incoming student. If the incoming student registers for classes, they will be considered a current student and will not have the option to defer. Generally, students who defer may only do so for a full year, not a semester. Please contact the office of Admissions at 503.788.6626 for further information on deferring.


What if I am a second semester senior?

For a senior who takes a medical leave in the spring, and is in the second semester of a two-semester thesis, that student will receive a "W" grade for two units of thesis (fall and spring). When such a student returns, there are three options:

  1. To pick up where the student left off (with thesis adviser approval) and essentially redo the spring semester and complete the original thesis. Once the project is completed, the "W" for fall will be replaced by the thesis grade recorded at the end of the semester of return.
  2. To start a new two-semester thesis lengthening the degree program by one semester. The two units of "W" for the year remain on the transcript.
  3. To start a new one-semester thesis (with department and division approval for the one-unit thesis and administration committee approval for an unusual senior year). The two units of "W" for the year remain on the transcript.


How is the process of taking time off different if I'm a MALS student?

Students in the MALS program should contact the Director of Special Programs directly for more information about taking time off from the MALS program. The information noted here may not be applicable to students in the MALS program.

How do I register for classes when I am returning from medical leave?

Once approved by Student Services to return from a medical leave, documentation of the approval is forwarded to the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office assigns a registration PIN, and contacts the student and the academic adviser. The student must then confer with the adviser, obtain the PIN and register for classes with the continuing students. Generally you will not receive your SOLAR PIN from your adviser until you are approved to return. (If you do receive your PIN, you will receive a message noting that you are ineligible to register if you try to do so early). This may result in your registering for classes after the usual enrollment period so it is possible that classes you are interested in may fill before you are approved to return from your medical leave of absence. While there is no guarantee that you will be able to enroll in all of your preferred classes, adhering to the eight-week deadline will improve your chances of enrolling in those classes. The sooner the student applies to return, the sooner the process can begin. The deadline to apply to return is 6/30 for returning Fall semester and 11/30 for returning Spring semester. Please note: As is the case for registration at any semester, you may not be able to register if your accounts are not in order. Please contact the Registrar's office or the Business Office for more information.

Students can access the schedule of classes online. Registration can be transmitted via email if the student cannot use SOLAR.  Emailed registrations should be sent to the Registrar's Office at

If I take an MLOA and plan to be gone for a semester for which I have already registered, will my registration for those classes be canceled?

Yes, your registration for classes will be canceled for semesters during which you plan to be away from the college. Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information.

What will be recorded on my transcript for semesters when I’m on medical leave?

If your medical leave begins before the drop deadline for your course (semester-long or year-long), no record of your attendance will be recorded for that semester. If your medical leave begins after the drop deadline (semester-long or year-long), “W” for withdrawal will be entered in your transcript for those courses for that semester. Any additional semesters on medical leave will not be recorded with a "W" on your transcript unless you are withdrawing from a year-long course. Year-long courses will show a "W" for both semesters.

May I take classes at other institutions while on medical leave?

Unless the conditions of the return from medical leave prevent you from attending another school, you may take classes elsewhere while on leave. Note: Should you have financial aid at Reed, please check to determine whether there are any financial aid implications for doing so.

In some cases, the conditions of a medical leave will recommend that the student does take classes at another institution.

Students should submit a completed transfer of credit form, available from the Registrar's Office, prior to enrolling at another institution. The completion of this process enables the student to know whether and how the course or courses will apply to the Reed degree. Students must request that an official transcript be sent to Reed from all institutions attended during their time away, even if credit is not requested. If a transfer credit form is not submitted in advance of taking the course, students must submit a completed transfer credit form to the Registrar's Office before the work can be evaluated for transfer credit. Please contact Ben Bradley in the Registrar's Office at 503.777.7295 with questions.


Will the scheduling of my Junior Qualifying Exam be affected by my plans to take a MLOA?

The Junior Qualifying Exam is held in the year preceding the student's thesis year. Students who are on a MLOA or LOA or planning to apply for readmission must make arrangements with the department or interdisciplinary committee to take the examination before registering for the fall (or first) semester of the thesis year. A student may not register for thesis until he or she has passed the Junior Qualifying Exam.


If I’m an international student, what do I need to know about visas, immigration documents, or other matters?

International students need to speak with the assistant dean of international students to discuss their visa program status, departure to (and return from) their home country, and other considerations. 



Will I keep my on-campus mailbox?

No. Students who are on medical leave are not enrolled and do not retain their campus mailbox.  There are not enough campus mailboxes available to accommodate enrolled, on-leave or study abroad students.  When students return from their time away, a new mailbox will be assigned to them by the Registrar's Office. Mail will be sent to the forwarding address provided by the student on their medical leave of absence form. To set your forwarding address, go to the mail forwarding site on IRIS and enter a forwarding address. It is possible to forward overseas, however, the effectiveness of this option varies between countries.

Will I continue to have access to my Reed email account?

Yes. Your Reed email account will remain active during your Medical Leave of Absence. Computer User Services will always notify you before taking any action on your account. Contact CUS (, 503.777.7525) with any questions about computing resources available while on leave.


May I use the library?

Students on a medical leave of absence are welcome as visitors in the library but do not automatically have library privileges during their leave.  Requests for borrowing privileges may be made to the College Librarian, and may be granted in extenuating circumstances, on a case-by-case basis.  Students must be in good standing with the college and be cleared through the Business Office to request such consideration.

Am I permitted to work on campus?

Students who are on medical leave are not eligible for student employment. If you are working on campus or through an off-campus Federal Work Study (FWS) Internship program, you must stop working on or before your medical leave takes effect and notify your supervisor that you will not be able to continue working. Please be certain to turn in your final timesheet to the Business Office.  You may be asked to quit after your medical leave takes effect. For FWS off-campus internships, while you will no longer be paid through the FWS program once your medical leave begins, you can continue as a volunteer at the community organization, provided both you and your supervisor are comfortable with you staying on as a volunteer.  Your volunteer position will then be a direct arrangement with the community organization and not supported or supervised by SEEDS or any other Reed office once your medical leave takes effect.  Students who already have official approval for their return from a medical leave in the fall are eligible to begin work after July 1.  If you need a work reference or employment history verified, please contact the Student Payroll Specialist in the Business Office.  If you are in doubt as to your employment status, please contact the Business Office.

May I continue to use the services of health & counseling?

Students on medical leave may not use the clinical services of the Health and Counseling Center.  However, the student’s health insurance may cover services in the Portland area.  For more information, contact the health insurance provider directly.

Do I lose my Reed health insurance?

If you attended at least 30 days of a semester, and did not waive the health insurance, you will continue to be covered by the student health insurance for that term. 

If you attended less than 30 days of the semester, did not waive the health insurance, and used the health insurance, you will continue to be covered by the student health insurance. 

If you attended less than 30 days of the semester, did not waive the health insurance, and did not use the health insurance, you will NOT continue to be covered by the student health insurance.   

If you were covered by Reed health insurance in the fall and take a MLOA the following spring semester, and do not qualify to continue to be covered as per the paragraph above, you have the option to purchase Reed health insurance coverage for spring if a medical provider certifies the necessity of the MLOA.

The Affordable Care Act allows individuals to purchase insurance whether they have a pre-existing condition or not so you will be able to purchase an individual plan through the marketplace.

Please contact the Business Office directly to find out more.

May I access resources in The Center for Life Beyond Reed?

A student on medical leave can come into The Center for Life Beyond Reed for career counseling, resume and/or job search help. In addition, many valuable resources may be found on the Center for Life Beyond Reed web site:, including job and internship postings and contact information for our alumni volunteers.

May I use the services of Academic Support?

Students on medical leave are not eligible for the services offered by Academic Support, including tutoring, coaching, attending workshops, or use of the Dorothy Johansen House. Exceptions to this policy may apply to students who have already been approved to return to Reed and would like to meet with Academic Support staff to discuss strategies for success before returning to class. Please contact the Assistant Dean of Academic Support Services if you are returning from medical leave and would like us to consider your eligibility for individual coaching prior to the start of classes.

May I use the Sports Center?

Students on medical leave are not eligible to use the Sports Center, take classes, compete on teams or participate in Reed Outing Club events. The Health and Counseling Center can request exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis.

May I participate in SEEDS-sponsored off-campus volunteering (using Reed vans)?

Students on medical leave are not eligible to access these events.  However, exceptions to this policy may be requested and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please submit requests to the Health and Counseling Center in writing. They may then be in touch with the SEEDS coordinator.

May I participate in Gray Fund activities?

Students on medical leave are not eligible to take part in off-campus Gray Fund trips. They may attend on-campus, campus-wide Gray Fund events as the guest of a current Reed student.

Can I attend Renn Fayre while I’m on medical leave?

Students on medical leave are NOT permitted to attend Renn Fayre (even as a guest of an enrolled student) while their medical leave is in effect. Petitions for exceptions to this may be submitted to the Dean of Students and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The deadline for submitting a petition is two weeks before the first day of Renn Fayre.

May I be in student organization spaces, register an event, or signate?

Students on medical leave are welcome to be a guest of a current student but may not access or use student organization spaces by themselves. Only current Reed students are able to receive senate and other funds, reserve space, signate, or sign contracts on behalf of a student event.

Will I have access to computer facilities?

Please contact Computer User Services at 503.777.7254 with questions regarding access to computer facilities on campus.

What is I have other obligations such as volunteer work or committees?

Please notify any groups with whom you are expecting to be working if your change in status will affect your ability to participate in the committee or work.




What happens to any payments that I’ve already paid to the business office for the remainder of the semester/year?

When a student submits their completed medical leave form, a worksheet is prepared by the Business Office to calculate any refund or balance due.  Refunds of tuition are based on the number of days completed in the semester.  Refunds of room and board are based on the move-out date and any remaining board points.  The student body fee and the student health insurance fees are not generally refunded. Please contact the Business Office with questions about refunds.  A copy of the worksheet mentioned above will be appended to the check, or a bill if there is a balance due.

How does my medical leave affect my eligibility for subsequent financial aid, and what happens to the financial aid I have received for the semester/year?

A medical leave does not affect your eligibility for financial aid in the future, and the semester(s) you are on medical leave do not count as a semester(s) of financial aid eligibility used.  Lifetime loan aggregate limits, however, still apply and the amounts that you retain for an unfinished semester will still be counted toward this aggregate limit. The Business Office determines how much, if any, of your current financial aid must be repaid to the financial aid programs and how much financial aid you are eligible to retain. This calculation is based on your medical leave date, which may be different than your move out date if you are living on campus.  Please be certain to discuss with the Financial Aid and Business Office any money you may owe (aid to be repaid) as a result of taking a MLOA. You may or may not owe, depending on your individual situation.

Are there financial aid implications that would result from taking multiple leaves?

Yes, there may be. It depends on when the leaves are taken. Every student's situation is different and must be reviewed individually by Financial Aid. Please contact Financial Aid for more information.


What do I have to do to get financial aid when I come back from a medical leave?

To be eligible for full financial aid consideration when you return from medical leave, you must complete all financial aid application requirements by the May 1 deadline.  If your application is completed between May 1 and July 1 the amount of institutional aid offered is reduced. After July 1 students are no longer eligible for institutional aid, but may still apply for federal financial aid.

You will not receive a financial aid decision until you are approved to return to Reed; however, as long as your financial aid application is complete by the May 1 deadline, you will be considered for financial aid once you are approved to return.

Please note: There is not a different application deadline for students returning for spring semester.  All application deadlines and requirements are posted on the Reed Financial Aid website at

What do I do if I purchased Dewar Insurance?

There are two Dewar forms that must be completed.  You may obtain these from the Health Center or the Business Office.  The student, if of legal age, or parent or legal guardian, completes the first section of each form and then sends one form to the Business Office and the other to the attending Physician.  When the form is completed, it is sent directly to Dewar for processing.

If you withdraw because of personal injury or sickness, Dewar may return 100% of your insured term tuition and fees or 60% of your insured term tuition and fees, if the withdrawal results from a psychological/emotional condition. Please contact DEWAR at 617.774.1555 or visit for more information

What if I have a Direct Student Loan?

You will need to complete an exit interview for your Direct Student Loan available online at  The six-month grace period for your Federal Direct Loan begins after your last day of attendance at Reed.  During this grace period, interest accrues but no payments are due.  Repayment on your Direct Student loan begins after your six month grace period.  You should note that you are eligible for only one grace period on your Direct Student Loan.  If you re-enroll at least half-time at a qualified post-secondary institution, your Direct Student Loan can be deferred; however, repayment will begin immediately once you are no longer enrolled as a half-time student. Direct Student Loans borrowed for subsequent periods of enrollment will have a six-month grace period. Parent or private loans do not have a grace period. If you plan to be unavailable during your leave, please be sure to contact your Direct Student Loan servicer before you leave about when your loan payments will be due, and to make arrangements in advance for payment. If you do not know your servicer, the Financial Aid Office can assist you. 

What if I have a Federal Perkins Loan?

You will need to do an exit interview for your Perkins Loan through the Business Office website at The Business Office will notify you of the exit counseling requirement by certified mail. Your initial nine-month grace period on your Perkins Loan will begin after the date of last attendance at the College.  During this grace period no interest accrues and no payments are due.  Repayment on the loan will begin nine-months after your last date of attendance. Please note that you will not have access to transcripts or to SOLAR until you complete your exit counseling.  Please also note that the Perkins Loan has different regulations than a Direct Student Loan.  See above regarding the Direct Student Loan regulations.

What if I have a Reed Loan?
You will need to complete the Reed Loan “Payout Loan Note” and online “Truth in Lending” (TIL) requirements regardless of your future plans. The Business Office will contact you via email with specific instructions immediately following receipt of your completed MLOA form.  Please note that you will not have access to transcripts or to SOLAR until these requirements are complete. Also, only by completing the requirements will your loan have: deferment privileges, a 9% interest rate (vs. 12%) and repayment of the loan delayed until nine-months after your last date of attendance grace period.

Will I be able to continue charging purchases at the Bookstore?

No, your Bookstore account will be closed.



When do I have to move out of my room and leave campus?

Students generally have three days to vacate their residence hall rooms once their medical leave is initiated.  In some cases, students may be able to work with Student Services and Residence Life on this timeline if more time is needed to make travel arrangements. Please note that your refund for room and board is pro-rated and based on the day you move out of your room and your remaining board points.

Can I store my belongings on campus?

If you are taking a medical leave you are encouraged to take all of your belongings with you or to make off-campus arrangements for storage.  The office of Residence Life has information on its website about off-campus storage options at

If you plan to return after one semester and plan to live on-campus, you can store up to four boxes in student storage in the residence halls. If you do not return within two years, the boxes will be removed from storage.  Storage facilities are not open during winter or summer break. Please note that you may give permission to a friend or family member to pick up your boxes for you, if you are unavailable to do so. Please contact Residence Life for details at 503.777.7536.

What happens to my present room contract?

When you take a medical leave of absence, your room and board contract terminates on the date specified by the Assistant Dean of Residence Life or designee (normally three days after your medical leave is initiated).  If you return your room key and there is no damage to your room, you may get a full refund on your $100 housing deposit as a credit to your account. If you would prefer the credit refunded to you in check form, you can request it from the Business office after the credit appears in your student account.

What happens to my future room contract (for next semester or academic year)?

When you take a medical leave of absence, your future housing contract will be terminated. If you take a leave before and for the fall semester, your contract for the full academic year will be terminated.  If you take a medical leave between fall and spring semester, your spring semester portion will be canceled. If you have already paid for the upcoming semester housing, the Business Office will process a refund.

How do I request on-campus housing for the semester I plan to return?

Leaving during Fall semester with plans to return in January for the spring semester:

Before you take your medical leave you can apply for spring housing in the office of Residence Life.  Contracts and additional information regarding room and board are available at

Leaving in the Fall with plans to return the following fall:

You should check the Residence Life website after March 1 for the timeline of how to enter the lottery.  If you miss the lottery, you can contact the Residence Life Office to sign up for the wait list.

Leaving during the spring semester with plans to return in the fall:

You should check the website after March 1 for the timeline of how to enter the lottery.  The process to sign up for the lottery is currently online, so you can still sign up from off-campus. If you miss the lottery, you can contact the Residence Life Office to sign up for the waitlist.

What if my medical leave begins over winter break?

If your medical leave begins over winter break or at the beginning of the spring semester, once the residence halls open for spring semester you will have three days to pack your room and leave Reed. Students may ask for special permission from the Assistant Dean of Residence Life to return to the halls before they open to move their belongings from their room.  Students on medical leave are not allowed to occupy their rooms overnight without permission from Residence Life. 



Dean of Student Services Office   

    Administrative assistant to student services, 503/517-7396.

Residence Life      

   Clea Taylor, director of housing, 503/517-7429.


    For questions regarding return from, or extension of leave, and registration:

    Emilie Smith, enrollment services coordinator, 503/777-7296.


    For questions regarding transfer credit:

    Ben Bradley, recorder/transfer evaluator, 503/777-7295.

Financial Aid      

    For questions regarding your leave and your financial aid status:

    Leslie Limper, director of financial aid, 503/777-7223.


    For questions regarding Federal Direct loan repayment and exit interviews:

    Sarah Duncan, assistant director of financial aid, 503/788-6693.

Business Office

    For questions regarding tuition charges and refunds, Perkins and Reed loan repayment and exit interviews, and student health insurance:

    Sara Rosenberger, student accounts / loan coordinator, 503/777-7504. 

Health and Counseling Center

    Kate Smith, director of health and counseling, 503/517-7281.

International Student Services

    Dana Lawson, assistant dean of students for international student services, 503/517-5538.