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Reed College student organizations represent a wide variety of interests, ideologies, spiritual practices, cultures, and activities. The student organization database will tell you which groups are currently active on campus.

Starting an organization

One of the great things about Reed is that it’s easy to get involved and find your niche. If you don’t see what you want in the student organization database, feel free to start your own group.

While student organizations at Reed have no formal recognition process, there are a few things you should do to get a group off the ground.

  1. Register your group on SIN. Use the link “student organization manager” and enter the requested information.
  2. Attend signators’ training. This usually happens the first week of each semester. Look for advertisements the first week of school that will provide the time, date, and location of the training. If you’ve missed the training, contact the student body treasurers at to find out what you need to do.
  3. Come talk to the staff in student activities (in the Student Center) to get resources and advice about how to create a successful organization.

Student media

Reed College has both a newspaper and a radio station. You can get more information about the Quest and KRRC at the student media page.

Student organization resources

There are a number of ways that the student activities office supports student groups:

Student activities staff are willing and available to meet with you about any organization-related issues. Need to know who to talk to on campus? Want to learn how to keep people engaged in your group? Want to find out how to organize an event? We’re happy to talk you through mundane or complex group issues. Stop by the office in GCC 104 anytime to talk with a student activities staff member.
Signators’ training
Student activities staff members attend signators’ training the first week of each semester to present information about what our office has to offer. The student body treasurers provide the financial information you need to know to get your group up and running.
Signators’ Handbook
Coproduced by the student senate and student activities, this guide will talk you through a host of signator-related issues. Pick up a hard copy at signators’ training or from the student activities office or click here for a PDF.
Signators’ Toolkit
This workbook will help you keep track of important details regarding your organization. Best of all, it serves as organizational and institutional memory to pass on to your successors. Using this toolkit can prevent your successors from having to recreate your work after you leave Reed. It can also be a handy reference for you to refer to past events and meetings.
Resource files
If you create a useful document for your group, please send us the electronic file. Should your document be lost from the collective memory, we’ll have it to send to the new signator. It’s a shame when students work so hard on resources for the group only to see the handbooks, contracts, or information lost shortly after that student graduates.


Once you start a group, you’ll probably need money. Senate is the first stop for financing student groups. Here’s a condensed version of the senate funding process.

  1. Attend signators’ training.
  2. Submit your organization to funding poll. You can find more information on what Funding Poll is and how votes are tallied on SIN.
  3. Encourage people to “top six” you.
  4. If you make the Top 40, attend funding circus to request funds.
  5. If you don’t make the Top 40, attend a regular finance committee meeting to make a funding request. You can submit funding request forms before the meetings online
  6. Find other departments or organizations for cofunding possibilities. Student activities staff can give you some ideas.

Student Spaces

There are a number of student organization spaces located in the Gray Campus Center, the basement of Old Dorm Block, and the student union. These are administered by the student senate and student activities. Student space signator information

Contact student activities if you have any questions about your space.

Student Organization Moodles

Student organizations can request Moodle pages to facilitate communication and information sharing. To get started with Moodle, fill out the request form.  If you have questions about using Moodle, please send email to

Please contact student activities with any suggestions or feedback on site content.

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