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Student activities is excited to present the new online event registration portal on IRIS. We hope this will make event registration easier and more convenient for you. The process has just a few simple steps and functions much the same as the old paper system. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs or contact us at

    1. Click on this link to connect to IRIS:
    2. Sign into IRIS as you usually would with your IRIS username and password.
    3. Click on “Register a new event.”
    4. Fill in the pertinent information on the form. Please note that the name will self populate based on who is signed into IRIS. Certain line items (such as location and date) are required while others are optional (such as set up).
    5. Read over the agreement and then click “submit.”
    6. You can track the progress of your event through IRIS. Descriptions of the event process are provided below. You will also receive e-mail updates as your event progresses.

New events: events you have submitted that have not yet been reviewed by student activities.

Tentative events: events that student activities have looked over, but need further approval from the SU manager, community safety, res life, senate, or some other office.

Approved events: events that all necessary offices have signed off on and are now being forwarded to CEP.

Finalized events: events that are official in the system and are set to happen.

For other frequently asked questions, click here.

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