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Online Event Registration FAQs

  1. Who should be using Online Event Registration?
    This program is set up for events being registered by students for on-campus programming. Faculty, staff, and outside groups should contact CEP directly at
  2. What should I do if I need more than one room?
    If you need more than one room, simply note that in the Notes section at the bottom of the form. You should also state the reason for wanting more than one room, what each room will be used for, and what the set-up should be in each room.
  3. What if I have special set-up needs?
    Note your set-up needs in that section. Be as specific as possible; we will be in contact with you to discuss it. If you need to talk through what you need, you are always welcome to stop by student activities in GCC 104.
  4. Why can’t I register an event for tomorrow?
    CEP and student activities require at least three business days to process a request. See the chart below. Please keep this in mind when planning all events. If this is an emergency of some sort, please come talk to us about it and we can see if there is any way we can help.
  5. I need the piano in the chapel. Who do I talk to?
    As with all special requests, please note this in the Notes section at the bottom of the registration page. Additionally, you will need to talk to Virginia Hancock in the music department for permission to use the piano. Once permission has been granted, we’ll work with you to set up an unlock of the piano with community safety.
  6. What if I want to hold my event in a space not listed?
    The spaces listed are the primary spaces available for student events. If you’d like a different space, please write it in the space available. Please note that many spaces will require permission from different people and some spaces cannot be reserved. If you’d like to use Kaul or the Gray lounge, you will need to talk with student activities and CEP directly. Student events are rarely held in these spaces.

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