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NameBreaking the Mold

Mushrooms have much in common with the word F***. For instance, they're multipurpose. F*** is a noun, a verb, I challenge you to make in an onamonapia (for IQ points), it is an interjection, an adverb, the list goes on. Mushrooms help plants grow, can be used as insecticides, help cure breast cancer, are really tasty, can make you see wiggly red people*, were the first living things over 3 feet tall, etcetera. Come with us on a journey through time, space, dirt, and primordial cell biology. We will learn. We will spread. We will descend on forest park like a hive of wasps whose nest has been disturbed and are blinded by rage and fear, minds unwavering from their single duty: protect the queen. I mean, hunt mushrooms.

Major EventsFall Break: Yachats Mushroom Festival

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