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Name* Temple of Smooth

MONTHLY LIVE HIP-HOP SHOWS ON CAMPUS. Bringin' the suavest NW MCees for performances in the SU and Winch. In past years the live entertainment circuit at Reed has been dominated by rock n' roll groups, seldom acknowledging the burgeoning hip-hop scene in the PNW (not Macklm**e). Temple of Smooth aims to open up the curtains a little wider, offering a platform for NW MCees/ collectives/ producers to inject their art into the Reed groove. After working alongside others in organizing last years' Green Lodge, I came in contact with a multitude of young artists eager to spread their music, and I'd like to further and extend this relationship outside of an annual event. Temple of Smooth is more than just a monthly musical performance, however. Its goal is to spawn a collaborative environment that calls for students to create their own works to contribute to the event, whether it be video, painting, sculpture, dance, food, or even performing with the visiting musicians. The more votes, the bigger the artists, the more rear shakin' WOOP

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