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Alanna MacLeod-Bluver

Reed Outing Club Intern

Katie Halloran

Gray Fund Intern
photo of Katie Halloran

I was born and raised in Colorado, hiking, skiing, camping, and generally spending as much time in the mountains as I possibly could. After high school, I moved to Chicago and worked for a non-profit for a few years. It was a wonderful place to live and work, but I missed the outdoors, so I found my way back West for school and ended up at Reed College. At Reed, I'm majoring in biology and spending as much time outside as possible: rowing, riding bikes, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and rediscovering my love of swimming holes. Gray Fund is a great way to get out, try something new, and enjoy the Pacific Northwest without any cost to you. Sign up for a trip, or come ask me questions about trips going out or trips that you want to happen - I'm all about getting Reedies outside and exploring.

Neenah Aguirre-Wong

Backpack Co-Op Manager

Born in Miami, I am a Biology major who loves to spend my free time outdoors. I was a girlscout for 12 years, a dancer for 13 years, and am an avid runner and rock climber. Between camping trips, hiking, skiing, tennis matches, biking trips, nature walks, and backpacking trips, I enjoy taking part in every new outdoor experience I encounter. I am a strong supporter of living a healthy lifestyle with appropriate nutrition and exercise, and of “leaving no trace” while exploring what the great outdoors has to offer. I value open-mindedness, the desire to try something new, and a passionate love for nature. Here at Reed, it’s easy to get sucked into the stress and rigor of academic life, spending endless weekends in the library, and generally staying trapped in the “Reed bubble.” While I believe it is important to maintain a balanced academic and social life, I’d like to encourage Reedies to stop by the Backpacking Co-Op and be inspired by the amazing opportunities Reed has to offer for students willing to venture off campus and explore the natural wonders that Oregan has to offer.

Nick Till

Backpack Co-Op Manager

I'm from Seattle. I work at the Backpack Co-op and run the Mountaineering Club during the year. I grew up backpacking, but now that's just a tool to get into the mountains. My goals mostly lie in alpine climbing routes these days. To that end I climb outside a lot, and you might even catch me in the gym.

Aaron Cholden-Brown

Backpack Co-Op Manager

Hailing from New York City, I'm a Physics major who eschews my native urban environment in favor of wilderness and the opportunities for adventure and peace it affords me. I am primarily an alpinist and spend much of my time poring over maps and trip logs of the places I dream of going. Spending most of the year prior to coming to Reed in the Patagonian Andes, I gained an appreciation for the importance of introducing people to similar magnificent places in the hope that they will be able to grow and benefit, as I have, from their experiences in the 'backcountry', and come away recognizing the importance of maintaining and protecting what wilderness we have left. My goal at the Backpack Co-Op is to provide any and all support and assistance that I can to my peers who are trying to get outside and to help educate people on the opportunities in the outdoors afforded to us by our prime location in the Pacific Northwest.

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