Physical Education

Division of Student Services


Dave Barrett Instructor of: Tai Chi
Larry Beutler Instructor of: Soccer
Sharon Blaney Instructor of: Womens Rugby

Mary Bradley Instructor of:


Debbie Brawley Instructor of: Horseback Riding

Audra Carmine Instructor of: Yoga for Life
Stuart Celarier Instructor of: Juggling
Padro Cruz Instructor of: Capoeira

Kate Daniel Instructor of: Whitewater Kayaking
Melissa Dennis Instructor of: Lower Body Abs
Bernadette Deipenbrock Instructor of:

Womens Basketball 

Sam Drevo Instructor of: Whitewater Kayaking
Jennifer Edelson Instructor of: Fit You
Tate Ford Instructor of: Bowling and Softball
Erik Gorka Instructor of: Aikido
Ward Halverson Instructor of: Weight Training
Maddi Hanlon-Austin Instructor of:

Swim Instruction

John Hewitt Instructor of: Functional Self Defense

Alex Krebs Instructor of: Tango
Eldon Lampson Instructor of: Lifeguard Training

Michael Lombardo Instructor of: Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Jamison Loos Instructor of:

Retro PE - PE Basketball - Flag Football

Crockett Marr Instructor of: Squash
Miwa McRee Instructor of: Fencing
Cyrus Monsef Instructor of: PE Basketball
Devi Morris Instructor of:

Hatha Yoga and Yoga for Relaxation

Julie Noonan Instructor of: Archery, badminton, beginning golf, squash
Dan Peterson Instructor of: Aikido
D.J. Rayley Instructor of: Hip-Hop
Susan Reagel Instructor of: Folk Dance
Beckett Royce Instructor of: Womens Rugby

Shane Rubenfeld Instructor of:

Men's Ultimate Frisbee

Jogen Salzberg Instructor of:

Zen Mind

Chip Sell Instructor of: Raft, Sea Kayak and Canoe 
Val Shaull Instructor of: Rafting, Sea Kayaking and Canoe  & White Water Rafting

Eric Skinner Instructor of: Ballet Beginning and Intermediate

Rodney Sofich Instructor of:

BackCountry Navigation, Mountaineering  and Beginning and Intermediate Rock Climbing 

Kayce Spears Instructor of: Lindy Hop

Jay Stewart Instructor of: Contemplation Meditation

Talia Stroessel Instructor of: Step Aerobics

Will Symms Instructor of:

Assistant Director of Physical EducationReed Outdoor Programs & Education Director

Betsy Ullstrup Instructor of: Yoga for Life
Joe Wasserman Instructor of: Fencing

Lloyd Weema Instructor of:  Womens Ultimate Frisbee
Jae Wilson Instructor of: Lindy Hop

Ried Woodlee Instructor of: Men's Basketball
Ernest Yago Instructor of: Zumba

Contact Physical Education

Sports Center "Cage"

Michael Lombardo


Will Symms

Assistant Director

Todd McCormack

Administrative Assistant

Pool hours

Call the Cage for Accurate Hours 503/777-7285

*Pool hours may vary depending on Lifeguard availability and unforeseen circumstances. 

Sports Center Hours Summer 2014

Monday-Thursday 7am-7pm

Friday 7am-2pm

Saturday-Sunday  Closed