Sports Center

Will Symms

Instructor of Swim Fitness, Outdoor Leadership Skills Development

Born in Idaho, Will received his B.S. in Resource Recreation and Tourism Managment in 97' from the University of Idaho. Will went back to school to keep up with the demands of the Reed students and attained his M.S. in Management and Organizational Leadership 11'. Will has worked in various recreational areas including work in the indoor climbing industry, state and county parks and recreation. Recreation, no matter active or passive works as a universal language among diverse crosssections of individuals to release pressure, learn new concepts and simply have fun.

Will oversees activities related to Physical Education and Outdoor Programming at Reed College including 1st year Orientation Odysseys, Reed Ski Cabin, Reed Outing Club, Outdoor Gray Fund, Backpack CoOp and Outdoor physical education classes. Interests include any outdoor activities and spending some quality time with his two son's Liam and Tresler.