Sports Center

Chip Sell

Instructor of:

Raft, Sea Kayak and Canoe 


Chip has a diverse paddling and outdoor education background.  In college he was the student director for Eastern Oregon University's outdoor program, he volunteered for the Bureau of Land Management as a River Ranger and worked for the Forest Service as a River Ranger.  He has experience on many Pacific NW rivers including the: Rogue, Grande Ronde, Deschutes, Lochsa, Payette, White Salmon, Clackamas, Santiam, Molalla. Wind and Klickitat etc., etc., etc.  Chip has volunteered with Team River Runner(TRR), a national organization that helps injured veterans, service members and their families find health and healing through paddle sports for the past five years.  Through TRR Chip has had the opportunity to paddle the Grand Canyon, as well as other nationally known rivers throughout the United States. Chip is an American Canoe Association (ACA) certified instructor.  He loves to teach paddling skills and spend us much time as he can on the water.