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Miwa McRee

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Miwa McRee grew up in Hawaii, and came to Oregon in 1987 as a college student.  In 1992 she graduated Reed College with a degree in English, and became a licensed massage therapist and fencing instructor starting from 1995.  Miwa has been teaching at Reed from 1992-1995, and then from 2003 to the current time.  She also instructs at Mount Tabor Parks and Recreation/SUN Community School and at the Studio of American Fencing. 

A lot of Miwa’s teaching style is based on her massage therapy background, and focuses on the ideas of physical and mental relaxation, awareness and adaptability.  She also likes to tell sword related puns, wear her Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars T-shirt (“It’s a Trap!”), and festoon herself with pirate gear on National Talk Like a Pirate Day. 

 While she is currently a recreational fencer, Miwa has competed previously at both the local and national level in all three weapons.  Foil is her favorite, although she is delighted to fence any weapon.