Sports Center

Yoga for Life


 Betsy Ullstrup (T-TH) & Audra Carmine (M-W)

Because much of what we do in the course of a day fails to bring a sense of well being, increase our energies, encourage the integration of body, mind, and spirit...we come to yoga. In class, we will focus on finding the balance between effort and ease, learning to ground the body through gently flowing postures that develop strength, stamina, and flexibility. At the same time, we'll explore and experience the power that comes from linking breath with movement. The path of Hatha yoga unites discipline with a sense of play: on the mat we discover that we can do much more than we think we can! The joy of moving, of being in the moment, of beginning to accept our bodies and ourselves as we are - all this offers the possibility of transformation.

The class is for those new to yoga as well as those who prefer a morning yoga practice