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Reed Fencing

The Reed Fencing program has been around since the 1960s, and offers classes at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level.  Classes meet twice a week and last 90 minutes (for beginner and intermediate) or 105 minutes (for advanced/team).  Students should wear court shoes and pants that goes to the knee or ankles to class; no jeans please.  The Sports Center provides basic fencing equipment. 

Beginning fencing

This class is for students with no fencing experience and is offered 1st and 3rd quarter only. An introduction to standard foil, the world’s most widely used fencing weapon, including stance, attacks, defenses and analytical thinking.  Focus is on practicing control of fencing distance, timing and balance while staying relaxed and aware. Students also develop a basic understanding of rules.  The goal is to have fun, try something new and enjoy a sport minded version of a safe sword fight.

Intermediate fencing

Students with 1 to 3 quarters of fencing experience may take this class.  This is an ongoing class that meets during the entire school year.  The class time focuses half on intermediate foil techniques, and half on letting students sample saber or epee.   It also develops an intermediate understanding of rules, as well as an opportunity to practice being a referee for your classmates.  While the class mainly uses standard/non-electric weapons, students may get to try fencing electric foil or epee a couple times each quarter.

Advanced fencing/Fencing team

Students with 1-2 quarters or more of fencing experience may choose to take this class. This is an ongoing class that meets during the entire school year with the approach being half standard weapons and half electrical. Every quarter is focused on one of the three weapons: foil, saber or epee, with an emphasis on drills, analytical thought, and bouting.  Students learn the basics of fencing gear/weapons diagnosis and repair, as well as more in depth training on refereeing.   It is strongly suggested to advanced/team fencers that they participate in the Douglas Williams Tournament and the Griffen Cup, the two events that the fencing classes host at Reed College.   Also, please talk to the coach for more specific details if you have interest in going to off campus fencing tournaments. 

General notes:

Any student who has completed at least a quarter’s worth of Reed Fencing is always welcome to drop in and take a single class or more for fun, as long as the class has room and extra loaner gear (or you have your own).  Come by once a year, or stop in once a week—the door is always open.