Sports Center


Coach: Jon Rork

This co-ed course is facilitated at the Lloyd Center Ice Rink on Sunday evenings.

Curling is a winter sport played on an indoor ice surface about 142 feet long and 14 feet wide called a 'sheet'. At each end of the ice surface there is a circular target area 12 feet in diameter called the "house". The object for each 4 person team is to deliver (slide) 40 lb. curling 'stones' from one end of the ice surface to the other. The team whose stone is closest to the center of the house (the tee) will score a point (or more if they have more than one stone that is closer to the tee).

Curling is a strategic game. Your team must position their stones so that they are protected from the opponent's attempts to remove them from the house, while trying to remain close to the tee to score points. As the name of the game implies as well as what makes curling so unique, the stones will curl (i.e. move in an arc) as they travel down the ice surface. This curling action allow a team to draw or hide their stone behind other stones. Each team must be able to "read" the ice to know what will happen to the stone as it is slides down the ice. The team members can help the stone slide further or reduce the curling action by "sweeping" the ice surface.

Each player delivers two stones, alternating shots with the opposing team. Once all sixteen stones are delivered an 'end' is completed and the team whose stones are closest to the center of the house scores a point for each stone. This process is repeated by delivering the stones back to the other end. There are typically 6 to 8 ends in a game lasting an 1.5 to 2 hours. The team with the most points wins the game.