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A student must receive a grade of credit for six quarters of physical education over three semesters. A student can only receive academic credit for one physical education class per quarter, they can't double up to fulfill their credit requirement. The program is administered as a minimal requirement in order to introduce students to physical education activities and to encourage them to participate. Students may receive up to two credits from swim fitness a self-directed class. The remaining four credits must be completed in instructional classes. We encourage students to complete this requirement during their first two years. 

Students are allowed to miss maximally the number of classes that the class meets per week in order to be eligible for physical education credit. Ex. Class meets (2) times per week for the quarter; students are allowed 2 absences for the quarter maximally.

The Reed physical education program is designed for both men and women with the dual purpose of providing a wide variety of activities through which a student may fulfill the school's physical education requirement and providing activities in which the entire Reed community may participate on a voluntary basis.

Activities, depending on enrollment and student ability, may be offered at all levels. Student enjoyment, fitness, and skill learning are emphasized; competition is not. Reed has organized teams and clubs for students who want competition outside the college in such sports as basketball, rugby, soccer, ultimate frisbee and squash. The basic goals of the department are to introduce students to new activities, with an emphasis on lifetime skills, and to allow the student to develop new skills or practice old ones in an substance-free atmosphere that promotes fun and relaxation.

It is a mutual expectation between all Reed Physical Education personnel and the student population that all PE events, programs, and classes whether on or off campus remain entirely substance free. A Physical Education sponsored event is any activity that is subsidized in any way by PE department funding or support. PE sponsored activities include, but are not limited to, all PE classes, club team sporting and social events, college vehicle use financed by the PE dept, travel, lodging, or any activity endorsed, promoted and/or fiscally supported by the Reed College Physical Education Department. 

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