Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Reed

Reporting to Confidential External Resources

Quick Facts

  • A student may report a sexual assault to one of a number of external confidential resources, including community crisis lines, hospitals, and clinicians or counselors.
  • These external resources have the same obligations to maintain confidentiality as do members of the Reed HCC staff.
  • External confidential resources are available 24/7, year-round.
  • Reporting a sexual assault to an external confidential resource does not obligate the student to report the incident to any other office or individual.
  • Students may report a sexual assault to an external confidential resource at any time, regardless of whether or not a report has been made to police, community safety, or the Reed HCC.

A list of confidential external resources is available here.

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For immediate concerns, please contact the Title IX coordinator, the assistant dean of students for sexual assault prevention and response, the Health & Counseling Center, the community safety director, the dean of student services, or another listed resource.