Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Reed

Sexual Assault Immediate Threat Assessment

Intended Use

This is a preliminary, rapid threat assessment intended to ensure that all relevant questions are asked and to help determine the potential need for immediate and short-term safety measures. Any person receiving a report of sexual assault may—but is not required to—use this document to gather information essential to a threat assessment.

In most cases a threat assessment will be conducted by a trained Community Safety staff member.  Other staff members who may reference this assessment are encouraged to either forward the document to Community Safety, or contact Community Safety directly for assistance.

If any significant threat exists, a complete threat assessment should be conducted by the appropriate individual(s) as soon as possible.

“Risk” levels based on this tool are generalized, preliminary, and subjective.  They are intended to guide the assessor toward an initial determination of whether or not a significant risk may be present and inform decisions about whether or not to engage community safety and/or police, issue community alerts, and/or implement specific immediate safety measures.

Reed staff exempt from mandatory reporting requirements may use this assessment confidentially.

This short-form assessment is not intended to take the place of a full threat assessment, a SAFER (Staff And Faculty Evaluation of Risk) assessment, or be used to determine long-term follow-up actions.

A threat assessment using this document should be done regardless of whether or not the reporting party wants to pursue criminal and/or judicial processes, and regardless of whether or not the name of the subject is known.

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For immediate concerns, please contact the Title IX coordinator, the assistant dean of students for sexual assault prevention and response, the Health & Counseling Center, the community safety director, the dean of student services, or another listed resource.