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Off-Campus FWS Steps for Students: An Overview

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FWS coordinator, Karina Aragon, has office hours Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-11am and you can book an appointment with her at:

Note: We are currently in the process of confirming FWS contracts with community partners. Our google map and Griffin Door postings to not accurately reflect opportunities for next year.

Six Step Process Overview

Click each link or scroll down for more details. Questions? Email SEEDS.

Note: Any work done before you complete all off-campus FWS paperwork will be considered unpaid volunteer work. 

1. Confirm you qualify for FWS

2. View opportunities with off-campus FWS-approved service sites

3. Contact FWS-approved host site and follow their application process

4. If hired by FWS-approved site, complete Reed FWS Learning Contract

5. Complete I-9, W-4 & direct deposit forms in the business office

6. Submit time sheets to Student Employment Specialist, Dawn Derry

Questions? Email SEEDS Program Manager, Tara Sonali Miller.

Six Step Process In Detail

1. Confirm you qualify for FWS:
Log in to Banner Self-Service → Personal Info → Financial Aid tab → Award → Award for Aid Year → Award Overview tab → [select academic year]

Award must say Federal Work Study Option not On-campus Work Option

2. View opportunities with off-campus FWS-approved service sites using any of the following:

  • SEEDS map (sign into email to access map)
  • Griffin Door via IRIS
    • Resources → Employment & Volunteer Search → Off Campus Job, Federal Work Study, Volunteer, and Internship → Jobs Database: Griffin Door (select Jobs tab, search FWS ok)
  • SEEDS find an opportunity webpage (for student-coordinated programs)

Some examples of great FWS jobs from 2016-2017:

  • New American Voter's Project Intern
  • Food Security Asst
  • Intervention Support Specialist
  • Science Educator
  • Education & Outreach Specialist
  • Patient Advocate

Note: Not all jobs at FWS-approved service sites are FWS-approved. Only apply for jobs that are FWS-approved. If you want to work with an organization that is not FWS-approved, contact SEEDS.

3. Contact FWS-approved host site and follow their application process:

Contact information can be found here:

  • Click pins in Google map for contact info
  • See Griffin Door for contact & application info*
  • Contact SEEDS Coordinators for student-coordinated programs
*Contact Beyond Reed with any questions about Griffin Door, as well as support for your application, letter of interest, resume, interview, etc.

4. Complete Online Learning Contract, if hired by host site (sign into email to access)

Log in to Banner Self-Service → Financial Aid → Award → Award for Aid Year → Award Overview tab → Click on Federal Work Study 

5. Complete I-9, W-4 & direct deposit forms in the business office (if this is your first time working at Reed).

6. Submit timesheets to Student Employment Specialist, Dawn Derry:
  • Paper timesheets are due bi-weekly, Mondays before 3pm.
  • The off-campus FWS pay rate is $13.00/hour.
  • Record exact roundtrip travel time (not to exceed 1 hr/day).
  • Conclude all FWS work by the last day of spring semester. Reed does not offer FWS funding during summer break.

Note: Any work done before you complete all off-campus FWS paperwork will be considered unpaid volunteer work.

FWS Info Sessions

Reedies with Federal Work Study (FWS) in their Financial Aid package are invited to attend one 30-minute info session.

Fall 2017: Coming Soon

Location: Student Center conference room, 2nd floor

For individual advising, either schedule with the SEEDS Program Manager or contact the SEEDS Federal Work Study Coordinator.

Student Initiated FWS Service Sites

If you did not find the kind of work you are looking for in the posted opportunities, you can still earn your FWS award at another organization, provided it meets the required criteria. If you'd like to initiate the FWS contract process with an organization, please:

  • Review partner organization site requirements
  • Email SEEDS Program Manager, Tara Sonali Miller and copy your supervisor at community partner organization

Student Feedback

At the end of the year, the SEEDS office suggests that FWS students fill out an evaluation with their FWS site supervisor during an exit interview. We ask for feedback on your placements so SEEDS can learn more about the organizations where students worked and pass that information on to future FWS interns & other volunteers. It is also beneficial to ask for a letter of recommendation from your supervisor if it was a positive experience.

If you have feedback before the end of the year, please contact SEEDS Federal Work Study Coordinator, Karina Aragon.

Contact SEEDS

Tara Sonali Miller
SEEDS Program Manager
Student Center 112

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