Software Design Studio

2015 Mentors

Ross Donaldson ’06. Music
Senior Data Scientist, Urban Airship
Ross is a data scientist and researcher. He works with the full lifecycle of data and analytics including data storage and infrastructure, instrumentation, ETL transformations, analysis and aggregation. From that he develops clear, actionable recommendations that have a direct impact on the organization.

In addition to his Reed degree in music he earned a Master of Science in Information Management from the University of Washington and has operated a mobile bike repair business. You can find some of his personal software projects on Github.

Will Landecker ’05
Data Scientist, Twitter

Jeremy Lawrence ’12. Physics
iOS Engineer, Celly
Jeremy Lawrence graduated from Reed with a major in Physics in 2012. While at Reed, Jeremy was involved with Beer Nation, DxOxTxUx, Sound Kollektiv, and was a Renn Fayre Czar in 2011. 

Following graduation, Jeremy has worked as an iOS developer at a small local startup called Celly, and more recently at R/GA, an ad agency doing work with Nike. Jeremy is a self-taught developer who learned to code after graduating, and is teaching this workshop for the benefit of Reedies who may have not yet been exposed to computer programming, and for those simply interested in learning more about the growing and increasingly important field of mobile development.

Melissa Lewis ’13.  Psychology
Data Scientist, Simple
Melissa's educational background is primarily in lab, field, and social science (in first biology, ecology, then psychology, and eventually behavioral and cognitive neuroscience) while her professional experience spans  service and clerical work, lab work, UX, front-end web design, and now data munging visualization.

 She loves the complexity of working with people and the consistency of working with data and programming.

You can find her contributions to open source and open research efforts on GitHub and the Open Science Framework.

Russel Mayhew ’10.  Math/Economics
Lead Software Engineer, Urban Airship
Russel works on core systems and APIs for Urban Airship, helping their customers deliver messages to mobile users and integrated their business systems with UA's.

 He also plays Ultimate.

Nelson Minar ’93. Mathematics 
You can read more on his blog.