Software Design Studio

SDS Mentors

SDS mentors are unpaid volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to design and develop software that can be used in real-world applications.  There are two types of SDS mentors:

Team Mentors
Each year, the SDS student interns tackle several summer projects by breaking into small teams under the guidance of a “team mentor.”  The role of the team mentor is to establish and promote good team dynamics, help the team members identify the parts of the project that each will concentrate on, point the team to useful resources, and generally keep the project on track.  Team mentors meet regularly with the team as a group and are invited to attend SDS meetings, workshops, and other events.

Topic Mentors
Topic mentors are individuals who have depth of knowledge in one or more technical areas and can assist SDS interns, on an ad hoc basis, to answer questions and resolve problems.  They can also participate in the SDS program by providing hands-on workshops, lectures, or other group events (that may be open to the entire student body).  Topic mentors are welcome (but not required) to attend SDS meetings, workshops, and other events.

Both types of mentors may also help interns pursue (non-Reed) internships and externships and assist interns with post-graduation job placement.

Mentor Eligibility & Term
Reed alumni and friends of the college who have had professional experience in the technology sector are eligible to be SDS mentors. Mentors are generally appointed for one-year (renewable) terms but may serve for longer or shorter periods as circumstances require.  If you are interested in becoming an SDS mentor please contact us at by email:

2016 SDS Mentors

Katherine Fellows

William Henderson

Niall Kelley

Jeremy Lawrence

Melissa Lewis

Russell Mayhew

Gavin McQuillan

Jacob Rothstein

Andrew Winterman

Kara Woo

Past SDS Mentors.