Software Design Studio


Reedies have a long history in technology innovation, from the founders of companies like Puppet Labs and Urban Airship to industry giants such as Apple.  The Software Design Studio (SDS) maintains this tradition by enabling students to explore creative uses of technology with the help of mentors who are well-versed in the latest methods of software design and development.

Each January, ten to fifteen students from across the curriculum are selected to be SDS interns who will work closely with one another and with mentors to learn teamwork, to devise projects of benefit to the Reed community, and to acquire software development skills.

During the spring semester, three to five projects are identified and SDS teams are formed.  The spring semester is also the time when teamwork, foundational programming, and other technical skills are acquired or polished.  

As soon as the spring semester ends, SDS teams dive into their summer projects in earnest with the goal of producing working software by mid-August.

In the fall semester, projects are debugged, documented, and deployed for use at the college (or beyond).

If you are interested in SDS or have questions about submitting a project proposal, becoming a mentor, or applying for an internship, please contact us by sending email to:

SDS 2016 Activities

During 2016, students met with the SDS Coordinator, Ross Donaldson, on a twice-weekly basis (Tuesdays and Sundays) to learn about and discuss a wide range of  topics including software version control, object-oriented programming, the Linux terminal, relational databases, PostgreSQL, HTTP servers, (such as Flask), software testing, documentation development, and others.  In addition, SDS students participated in special events such as:

  • a  lecture by William Henderson (‘08) on Knock software and product design
  • a master Class from Jeremy Lawrence (‘12) on iOS Development
  • a round-table conversation with Luc Perkins about technical writing and documentation
  • a TechFayre of Portland technology companies sponsored by the Center for Life Beyond Reed
  • an end-of-summer Drone Day with SDS Advisory Council member Lennon Day-Reynolds ('03)