Reed Outing Club

Planning A Trip

Planning a trip can be a daunting task. We have assembled a bunch of links here to information that might help you in planning your trip, including snowpack information, quality of roads and gear lists. You might also want to check out the ROC trip archives for some more information.

We also collect links that may be informative for people who want to learn more about an activity. All of these you can find on this page.

All ROC leaders should check out the Reed Outdoor Programs and Education Risk Management and Field Operations Manuals for valuable data on trip management, risk aversion and general guidelines. This is available from Will Symms. You should also attend one of the Introduction to Outdoor Leadership at Reed info sessions. We try to hold two of these at the beginning of each semester. Look for messages on roclist at the beginning of each semester about these sessions.

There are several things that you need to do when planning a ROC Trip. First you should contact someone on the ROC board so that they can talk to you and to each other about your trip. Then you will need to fill out the ROC Trip Planning form. Get this from Will in the Sports Center. This form will help you figure out how many people will be able to come on your trip, how much stuff you will need, how much participants will contribute to trip funds, what the relevant emergency numbers are, etc.

If you are going off campus, you will need to reserve a van from Phys Plant. Visit Michele McPherson on the third floor to get a van reservation form, and book a van. You will want to do this very early on in the planning process, as the vans get filled up quickly through the semester. If you are going to use a van you will need also need to get a van driver for your trip. The easiest way to do this is to get yourself certified to drive the college vans. Getting certified is easy, however you do need to have a clean driving record for the past three years. If you get certified you will also be added to the van drivers mailing list, which professors, staff and students will email looking for drivers to pay for driving trips. If you cannot get certified, or prefer not to, you can email to find someone to drive for your trip. For more information on Van Driver certification, see Cyrus Monsef at the cage in the Sports Center.

Each trip that goes out into the wilderness will need a Wilderness First Responder and a person certified to administer epinephrine to go with you on the trip, if you do not have your WFR and epi certification. Unfortunately, you have to be 21 to be certified to give epinephrine, so there are limited number of epi people on campus. Contact Will, or the Roc Coordinators and they will help you find the first aid people that you need.

Once you have talked to the ROC committee and gotten approval, filled out the forms, gotten your WFR's, EPI people and drivers, you will need to advertise your trip. You can post to the Roclist by emailing You can also advertise on other mailing lists like AtReed, and you can put up signs around campus if you really want to get your trip out. To post on AtReed, email by 8:30 on Tuesday morning. AtReed comes out every Friday and is emailed to the entire Reed community. If you want to make signs to put up around Reed, Student Activities in the Student Center has paper and paint pots for you to use.

Generally when advertising, you should have people who want to go on the trip email you, to tell you that they want to go. Then you have a fix on how many people will be coming on your trip, and will greatly enhance the rest of the process. If too many people email you wanting to come on the trip (The upper limit for most wilderness areas is 12 people, and the Reed Vans can only hold 15 including driver.) you will have to hold a lottery. Pick a few alternates, in case people drop out, hold spaces static for WFR's and Drivers and yourself. While we only require that one WFR go on the trip with you, it would be good to have multiple WFR's on the trip, so you can guarantee a couple of WFRs a spot on the trip if you want.

Once you have a list of people who will be coming on your trip, you should set up a pre-trip meeting in the week before the trip happens. We have a ROC Pre-trip meeting agenda that you can use if you would like to. (Get this from Will also. You are going to have to talk to him eventually.) This is a good time to find out about any food/insect/plant allergies in the group , show them the maps of where you are going, find out if any vegetarian/vegan/ raw/fruitarians are on the trip, go over equipment lists, and figure out who is really coming. If there is any pre-trip organization (such as distribution of gear, instructions, teaching of techniques) this is a good time to handle all that too. One thing that you really should do is get all the participants to fill out liability waivers. (Will will give these to you too.) All participants that even get in a van should fill out one of these forms! Drop them off at Greywood when you pick up your phone, or if you get them filled out early, drop them off at Will's office.

Remember to remind your participants of when you are meeting, and where! Most ROC trips leave from the Sports Center, and meet down where the Vans are parked. If you email the mangers of the Backpack Coop, you will probably be able to meet down in the coop, if it isn't already being used for some event. Contact the managers of the Coop at

At some point the gear needed for the trip should be collected and checked. You will need maps, first aid kits, food, etc... Most equipment you should be able to get from the backpack coop. First aid kits come from Will. If you are planning or assisting on a trip that is leaving over a popular trip-taking-time (i.e. Fall Break, Labour Day, Spring Break) dont wait to get equipment! The Coop often rents nearly all its gear over the breaks, and you dont want to be left with a backpack that only has one strap.

There are multiple ways to do food for the trip. To make things easier for yourself, you can simply require that everyone bring a lunch or their own food for the trip. If the trip is longer, you want to save everyone money or you just want to practice your skills planning menus for large groups, you can offer to buy food for participants if they pay you back. Sometimes ROC will fund the food for a trip as well, and then you are stuck buying it. Good places to shop for food include Trader Joes, Food 4 Less and WinCo. If you want to get Beaver Sweet Hot Mustard you will have to go to Safeway. If you want advice on planning a menu, talk to Will or the Roc Coordinators, and they will be able to give you some advice. Don't forget to buy food for any vegetarians on your trip!

At this point you are read to go on your trip! Make sure everyone has filled out a liability form. Make sure to pick up a phone when leaving in the morning. Have fun, and when you get done make sure return any coop gear and fill out a trip report, so that you can help others do what you have done!