Reed Outing Club

Outdoor Opportunities

At Reed

ROC is not the only option to getting outdoors at Reed. The Gray Fund also funds trips for students to go on over the weekends and over breaks. Trips the Gray Fund has done in the past include numerous trips to the Portland Rock Climbing Gym, cross-country ski trips around Crater Lake, hikes to Eagle Creek, excursions to Smith Rock, and regular skiing and snowshoeing on Mt. Hood. Get a Gray Fund semester schedule, mark your calendar, and send a proxy if you cant make the sign up meetings, and get on these free trips. Gray Fund trips are free for students and faculty, and often treat the participants royally.

The Sports Center also offers numerous PE classes that go outside, helping Reedies expand their outdoor skills. These classes are often free or nearly free for students, with the notable exclusion of the Ski and Mountaineering Classes. The PE classes are a good way to get introduction and instruction in an activity that you may have no experience in. The sports center regularly gives these classes: Introductory and Intermediate Rock Climbing, Introductory and Intermediate Kayaking, Rafting, Outdoor Navigation, Winter Navigation, Skiing, Telemark Skiing, Snowboarding, Nordic Skiing, Canoeing, Winter Camping, and Life Guard Training.

ROC and Gray Fund coordinate each Paideia to offer a Wilderness First Responder Course taught by Paul Nicolazzo and the Wilderness Medicine Training Center. This class is open to all people interested in leading for ROC and Gray Fund. Contact Will Symms or the ROC Coordinators for more info.

Don't doubt the interests of your classmates. If you have an interest in an activity, chances are someone else does too. You can talk to the coop interns to try and get hooked up with some new outdoor buddies, or just ask around. If the Outhouse is still in existence try there (but by no means end your search there).

Outside Reed

There are a wealth of opportunities for doing outdoor activities outside Reed and around Portland. We will share some of them here.

If you are interested in taking courses to improve your skills, NOLS and Outward Bound are popular international organizations that take college aged kids out and into the wilderness. These organizations can take you all over the world, from the Himalayas to Chile, from Mexico to The Yukon, or you can stay within the states and do one of their stellar programs here. If you are interested in back-country skiing or other Winter activities on Mountains, you should consider learning a little about Avalanches. MountainSavvy is a local business that offers Level 1 certification on analyzing the snowpack. If you are interested in mountaineering, American Alpine Institute is an organization that has unparalleled courses in mountaineering. For more programs, or more advice contact Will.

If you are interested in getting a job for the summer, the US Forest Service has a lot of jobs available each summer. We also recommend the following job database sites: The Association for Experiential Education, and Both of these sites have good resources for outdoor jobs. Another good place to look is with Youth Corps or the Student Conservation Alliance. Northwest Youth Corps hires workers and crew leaders for the summer, and SCA has a database of outdoor internships that could be just what you are looking for. For a list of all the Youth Corps in the United States, go to the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps page. For more advice, contact Will Symms.